When colour makes the difference.

24 07 2011

Fished the last hour of the rise today on a mark I have neglected due to laziness if the truth be known.

Soft Plastics were out due to the  nature of the terrain so I clipped on a brown X140. First cast went out and my mind was not at the races as I drew the lure towards me over large submerged rock. I looked down just as I lifted the lure out of the water and looking back at me was a fine Bass, her dark back contrasting  nicely against the lightly colored rock. She seen me, turned and swam away…….good man Dan !!!!!

I flicked the lure out again to the same spot and this time engaged the brain, as the lure came back to me I scanned the water and spotted another Bass following the lure which shot off as soon as I raised the rod. Emmm somethings not right….

I changed lure to a black back x140and fired out to the same spot…. BANG !!! fish on , rod arched over and i let out an audible ‘ha yes’ even though I was on my own .. ….great satisfaction and buzzz !!  Nice fight off the fish which posed for a quick picture before it was back on its way again.

Get Some !

I cast out to the same spot again and I was in again after a few turns of the reel, If Carlsberg done fishing ! I played the fish in as it kited left and right in front of me. Another one on the bank ready for a quick picture before swimming off.

I don't know much about photography, but this picture just says it all for me and my fishing!

The fishing was on, the tide pushed me off my spot so I had to move, second cast and I got nailed just under the rod tip as a flash of silver engulfed my lure… que line peeling and drag under pressure. I unhooked the fish in the water and off it went, the fish on, I dropped a good few due to hooks failing and had multiple follows on different lures just before  I landed one more just on high water. As soon as high water hit the activity stopped, I tried 5 more locations along the the same stretch of coastline but nothing showed.

I gave the surface lures 30 mins of action but no return for my efforts.

Below a surface lure.

Short sessions are a lot easier on the back 🙂


The start of the rise.

23 07 2011

Went out for look mid week after work, and headed to a location where I was confident I would encounter some good quality Wrasse on the start of the rise.

Condition’s were calm due to the light variable northerly wind, some suspended weed was present but nothing to interfere with the proceedings.  30 minutes of playing around on the top I switched to a SP and bounced the bottom through a dark hole between two large submerged boulders. Yes, there was a fish shadowing the lure …. but it did not attack it. It seemed to just escort it out of its area. Cast out again and repeated the same routine, and agin the lure was shadowed but not taken. So I cast out again but this time I was more positive with the up swing and the fish shot out again and sat just off my SP so I let the SP sit there for a few seconds before I lifted into the up swing again ……BANG and the lure was gone !! 🙂

Line peeled off the reel as the fish made a dart to my left, I turned it and it shot off to the right, I turned it again and it dove deep into the boulders keeping the pressure on I raised its head and eased it to shore. Great Buzz, love catching them on light tackle, great sport.

3.5 lb Of Color Power

3.5lb Wrasse

With the fish returned I tried the same technique in a different dark patch between 2 more boulders, I got hit but did not hook up…. my SP was gone! I stuck on a new one and flicked it out 20 yards to the same area, the rod arched over as the fish fought hard and stayed deep, another good Wrasse I thought…. the sun hit its flank and flashed that great blue/silver reflection you only get off a Bass. I was surprised as I was sure it was a Wrasse the way it fought, the heart rate elevated as I guided it through some rocks amid a lot of head shaking. A solid Bass was landed and I was happy out !

Mid Week Bass

Front End.

Day Light targeting System !

I added another Bass soon after and had 3 more SP’s robbed on me by fish feeding aggressively….

The fishing went flat as we approached the second hour of the rise until the light began to fade and the Pollock came on the feed which were added to the species count.

The Sand Eel done the business again for me.

Its nearly time to go Donkey hunting 🙂



Westerly Window Opens

16 07 2011

The wind was blowing strong from the South up until around 6am this morning, then the ‘window’ opened as it swung Westerly and lost some strength, coinciding with high water.

My alarm went off at silly o clock as usual, I check conditions out the window and went back to bed …
The alarm went off again a couple of hours later and I seen the ‘window’, straight into to the car and don’t spare the horses!

On location, second cast results in a fish over the 6lb mark, 4th cast resulted in an extremely hard fighting 5lb fish. These fish were caught just before the tide turned, when it did turn the fish left the area just as the wind picked up strength again.

5LB of pure power !

Ready for launch.

Lift off.

The X140 was the chosen Lure, but the hooks are extremely soft on these lures. I would recommend you change the trebles if you use them, before you lose that fish of a life time !


Friday morning before the weather turned…

15 07 2011

I got out for the first time since the 8th of July this morning, day booked off work and Mark tagged along to for the spin. I wanted to get a couple of hours in early doors before the weather turned bad. On route at 4am driving through torrential rain were two crocks, Mark with a chest infection and me with a throat infection …….must be mad !!

Conditions were  calmer than what was forecast when we arrived which threw my plans out the window! We moved around chopped and changed lures until we got into some fish. Mark was on the Hard Plastics and I was on the Soft Plastics.

Golden Bass.

Tide Pushing In.

Action Stations.

3 Bass followed this Billy to my feet. It looked like they were trying to get the SP out of his mouth ! A great spectacle.

Up Close With Billy.

Skin Piercing Spikes !



A quick session and we were back in time for breakfast to see my wind tree in the front garden swaying like 3am reveler.

That’s the boat expedition up on blocks for  tomorrow!


A look back on the previous weeks Angling.

4 07 2011

Fishing has become patchy the last couple of days over the New Moon. Crystal clear water and settled weather makes working harder to find the fish that bit easier on the body.

Here is some shots of the experience:

I was sorry I forgot my sun glasses that morning !

Down she goes.

A mixed bag.

Keep your Gold... I only want the Silver.

Pat with his best mate !

A welcomed Billy.

Its not easy taking a picture of your self !

Drag Screamer Dot Com

The Tackle and the Target.

Billy picked the right right lure that morning.

Possibly the best soft plastic for Bass? Too bad they are discontinued !!

Bass swimming off in the shallows.

Ready to go back.

Another one heads on its way.

Rudder Amidships.

Good Afternoon Billy.

A side view.

See the marks on its head. Searching between rocks for food maybe?

Another side of a Billy.

Double hook up being released.

Another one swims off into the blue.

The JOB !!!

Lures Doing The Business At The Moment For Us:

Storm Sand Eel

Mega Bass Xlayer

Tackle House Contact Node

Mega Bass X140

There is not enough hours in the day!