Specimen Sea Trout

15 01 2012

We headed West in search of some early season Bass, who didn’t show on the day for the record …., but Barry landed a fish of a life time as he bounced a soft plastic on a falling tide.

In his own words :

With settled weather and above average water tempretures for January fish have been showing up in numbers…..so with all that in mind we dusted down the lure rods and headed for Waterford for the first outing of 2012 with the hopes of an early season fish or two……

We met up early this morning and headed on to a mark that had been producing fish this week…….arrived on site happy days clear water no weed at all and a slight breeze blowing…ita all good……Danny,Pat,Crevan and myself hit the shore”s

The Beginning Of 2012

We fished for about an hour with no success so decided to move a couple of 100 yards and what a move that proved to be my second or third cast with a Delalnde GT shad and a 7gram jig head my rod got up ended and nearly pulled out of my hand to my delight as a i roared wey hey fish on !!!!!!!!! I laughed my b0ll0cks off as i played the fish in amazement that one of us had actually hooked a fish on a lure in January…….

Barry Putting The Branzino Through Its Paces.

It took off like a rocket to my delight as the Branzino rod bent over like a good thing,and after a couple of minutes and lots of drag adjustments it was very close to shore and we all expected to see the first bass of the year but no no it was a surprise to see a huge sea trout beach itself in front of us…….result………

Barry Was Not Expecting This

After many smiles…laughs….. choice word and pictures we sent her on her way…….Happy days were here thank you very much…..

We fished on for a while with no more success beford heading over to the lads at absolute fishing for a chat and a mug of coffey…..good to see you all again its been a while……time flys when your in good company…….anyway the afternoon pushed on and it was time for home….a memorable day was had on the copper coast………………

Some Times I get A Good Feeling

Top End

Off Ya Go

What a fish to kick off 2012 with eh?

Your next one could be your best one.


A look back on last season.

14 01 2012

A Belated Happy New Year To You 🙂

Just like that we are back at the beginning of another year, how quickly did that season go eh? Only felt like a few weeks ago we were hitting those early spring Bass and hoping for an epic season. . .

Hope To See You Again In 2012

A quick reflection:

Started well and fished well up until the Ban. Good quantity and quality of fish were landed and released early April to mid May. Hitting the hard and soft plastics with venom.
There was no consistent pattern to the preferred lure type, they seemed to hit most lures when presented correctly.

Started slow with quantities landed down on previous years. A slight peak in catches in the last two weeks in July before the Bass done their usual August lure avoidance act!.  The fish appeared to be more timid with there takes during this period.
The Wrasse fishing really picked up with some decent size fish taking soft plastics fished slow.
Soft plastic picked up the majority of the coy fish during this period.

The weather played havoc with any planned trips but when we did manage a session we got some decent fishing in with good quality Bass Wrasse and Pollock landed from shore and boat.
Hard plastics fished very well during this period.

We managed a few fish in the first two weeks of November before the blanks arrived and we called it a year on the lures.
Soft Plastics accounting for the fish we encountered.

My last fish of 2011

Two most successful lures I used in 2011 was:

Hard Plastic     

Mega Bass X140

Soft Plastic

Storm Sand Eel

Best Fishing Purchase 

Fuji Film XP30 water proof camera (see Blog pictures)

Personal Bests


Bass        12lb +

Pollock  9lb

Wrasse  5lb +


Wrasse 5lb +

Thanks for taking time to have a look at the Blog in 2011.

I did not get out as much as I wanted to in 2011, so the quantity of posts was lower than I would have liked but sure there is always 2012 to get back on track. Barry has just started 2012 with a BANG ….report to follow.

Your next one could be your best one.