Out and about over the last few weeks.

25 10 2011

I haven’t been out much lately due to a combination of weather, work and family. But when I did manage to get out I tried to optimize my time on the water with the lures, combining your knowledge and a bit of lady luck for a flash of Silver!

Future Fun

Having a chat

Crevan and I were out for low water and were watching some Mullet sunning themselves while we flicked out the lures for the Bass. Not much was happening on the Bass front, but the big Mullet kept us occupied as they glided around at our feet.
We were having a chat as I was straight retrieving an Xlayer, and just as I was to lift it out of the water when rod arches over and the drag lets off a bit of line…. and the hungry Bass is landed….Happy Days.

Smash and Grab Bass

Little Submarine

Two and a half hours

I took a day off work on a good tide and was on the water as daylight broke. I started up top with the Gunfish and worked it around for 30mins or so. No interest was shown so I switched to an Xlayer and tried multiple techniques and a combination of colors and weights but again no interest was shown to my offerings for over an hour.
This was a morning when everything seemed in place, conditions, tide, mood 🙂 , there had to be fish here.. I sat down and took a break happy in the thought that I wasn’t in work.

I finished the last of the Red Bull and clipped on me oul Storm Sand Eel, I approached the water and flicked her out into the rip, I let her sink with slight tension. Pluck and the rod arches over.’YES’ fish on !!
A few minutes later and 40 yards down the the shore line from where the fight began a nice Autumn Bass was landed.

7lb+ Autum Bass

A great condition fish that swam off well after a few poses for the camera.

Getting ready for launch.




I headed home soon after in time to make the children’s breakfast, and answer the barrage of fishy questions !

When the Weather Forecasters got it wrong

High winds was the forecast but Barry and myself headed out anyway. Thankfully they got it wrong again and it was an extremely calm morning when I met up with Barry. He had seen a small bit of action with a couple of escapees managing to elude capture.
We had the craic and waited for the turn. I was bouncing a Storm Sand Eel down current when it was hit hard by this plump Bass:

Plump Autum Bass

Barry switched to a One Up Shad and had instant success on his first cast a few yards up from me. The fish gave an excellent account of itself going on multiple long surging runs much to the amusement of Barry. It was a nice fish too that presented it self on the shore after the battle:

Barry with a 6lb Autumn Bass

Another one going back

The fish swam off well and that was all the action on that particular morning.

On the bait front, Pat and Crevan have been out chasing slabs of Flounder with great results. I think they had 11 in one session a couple of weeks back all ‘Dust Bin Lids’ and they also had a few bonus Bass to 5lb for their efforts. All fish falling to live crab.

Hopefully we will have a couple of more lure sessions before the weather turns and the Bass head off for another year.

Your next one could be your best one.



Seeing Double.

17 10 2011

(My computer BSOD’d a couple of weeks ago, as-well as my smart phone packing in for that matter!!. So I have eventually resolved the computer issue with a loss of some of my latest data including the video of the fishes release…. Thankfully I still had the pictures on the SD Card. Yes I should know better and back up my stuff more regularly!…anyway)

This fish was caught and returned over 5 weeks ago.

Since then I have been contemplating whether or not to put it on the net…  A lot of the fishing we do does not make it to the blog for various reasons, for us it is important not to give those that would plunder the local resource to annihilation any ammo to target these great fish. But I am confidant enough that this big girl is safe to reproduce for another few years with a bit of luck.

That Session

A strong southerly was making fishing quite difficult for Barry Pat and myself as we battled the white foam and constant bow in the lines, keeping contact was difficult but achievable  through adjustments to stance and retrieve. I had lost my balaclava some where in the trip to the Kingdom and I was to be exposed to the elements… wooo hooo a geart start !

Barry and Pat were fishing the top and I opted to fish subsurface as I had success at this mark on a similar tide previously using this method. The tide pushed in and Barry connected with the first fish away to my left, I moved down to grab a picture but the fish unhooked himself  before I arrived..typical.

I looked a around for a bit and started flicking out a few fan casts around a rock that was starting to foam to my left, ….. a fish nails the Feed Shallow after around 10 minutes of me working the area, it took me by surprise  as I was going through the usual early casts motions up to that point . Nice little fight plays out and I land a very chubby 5lb Bass. A couple of under water shots and the fish swam off at speed. I was back in the zone ….

Pat joins us and is soon into a fish off the surface down beside Barry, I was too far away to get a picture but Pat did look happy with his catch ! Barry bends in again to another fish hitting his lure as I watched from a distance contemplating whether to go up top!??  Nah, I stuck at it with the Feed Shallow.

Depth Charge

The water explodes to my left as my lure is up-ended as my quick pause and retrieve is interrupted with style. The rod lunges seaward and line begins to peel off the line, slowly at first and quickly gathers pace as I applied pressure. A few moment later and line was still going off the spool and at an even quicker rate as the fish headed for cover. Barry shouted something like  ‘Donkey/Or Pony’ at me as he hear the drag under pressure with the rod bent double.

I tightened the drag a bit and began pumping the fish, it was getting too close to that cover for my liking, the fish finally turned away and headed for its plan B, out to sea at my 12 o clock. Getting the rod up high seemed to turn the fish again and it made another run straight at me before taking a sharp turn away to my right, Que me winding like the clappers to catch up and keep in contact.

This run wasn’t as long as the fish tired against the drag  as I knocked up it another notch and eased it towards me. The following couple of minutes felt like 10 as I realized the size of the fish, my legs went weak as it began a violent head shake, I was off balance and being knocked around by waves….no I cant lose her…

‘ This is a big fish’ I shouted at the lads ( they thought it was 7/8lb and stayed where they were), I finally dropped the rod and lifted the fish out of the water . . ‘Holy ****’ was one of the phrases I heard as the lads seen the fish come out of the water. They scrambled over to me….


I was shaking, hands legs you name it, my heart was thumping out of my chest, Barry even said he was too when he seen the size of it. To be honest it was sheer disbelief holding the fish there in the water. A couple of quick pictures a quick weigh and she swam away with ease.

The fish pulled the scales over the 12lb mark.  I didn’t take a length measurement of the fish or scale sample. In hindsight maybe I should have but  TBH we were that engrossed in the sheer size of the fish (Pictures don’t do it justice to be fair, she looked pre-historic, with plenty of age/battle scars on her body) and getting her back into the water was the only concern.

Going Back.

She swam off very well and we all took a few minutes to take in the moment, it all seemed surreal at the time. I didn’t really appreciate until a few days later when I looked at the pictures/video!

Rekcon she dominates other predators with that look?

We fished on and I landed another fish in the 3-4lb bracket before we called it a day.

Wind: Southerly – Moderate
Tide: Rising

Tackle used:
Rod: Teklon Concept Spin 702L
Reel:3000 Twin Power SFC
Line: 20lb Power Shot / 20 inches of  Sakura 20lb Flouro
Lure: Feed Shallow # 12
Technique: retrieve and pause.

In Dream Land.

Your next one could be your best one !