Warming the rods up for Norway.

28 06 2010

Saturday morning at 9 am, Barry Pat and myself loaded the gear on board and we were off on another adventure from the slip in Kilmore, albeit a little later than our usual 5am start.

Another glorious morning with a slight southerly breeze, the quay wall was filling up with charter customers as we steamed out, with the tide falling we made good speed until we came across Gannets bombarding the water in a demented; dive – splash – surface – rise – dive cycle. All stop, we flicked out a few sub surface lures first to see was there anything up in the water colum hitting the bait fish that the Gannets were feasting on. No results to show there so we changed ove to the soft plastics, I hooked up a Sandeel imitation and had 6 casts and 6 Pollock to show for my efforts, the lads were using different soft plastic and colour and were not having the same hookup rate as the Sandeel. This was in 16ft of water and the bottom was clearly visable and you could see the fish swiming over the sand patches which was cool. It became clear why the Sandeel pattern was working well as we encountered shoals of Sandeels lazily swiming around oblivious to the lighting quick Gannets raining down on them !.

We quickly moved on to catch the remainder of the tide, our target fish for today was Cod on the SP’s, and were not dissapointed 🙂 . We arrived at our destination and we all choose 12 inch sized SPs in different colours, the following hour was Codling after Codling attacking our lures, these gradually got bigger until we starting hitting some proper cod. Completely different takes than th codling, no mesing around here, these guys were slaming rods over as we twiched the lures down tide. Barry hooked into a lovely Cod which hung tough for several minutes plus taking line and the usual head shaking. This was making a nice change from the Pollock, in saying that we didn’t have any Pollock on our second stop which prompted a move to ‘Pollock City’ .

Pollock City was looking good on the sounder, a good population of fish were showing both on top and on the rear of the drop off. A vast array of SP’s were dispatched this time, varying shapes sizes and colours. A rod arches over , followed by another and then another with quality fish making surging runs showing the 4000 size reels who was Boss !. Brilliant stuff, some lovely fish landed including Pollock, Codling, Pouting, Ling, Coal Fish and Wrasse. The SPs were being beat up badly by some very aggressive takes including some missed bites which allowed the colourful language to flow 🙂 !

That concluded the morning session, the tide was at its lowest point now and as historic trips had proven the fishing was going to be slow in the afternoon with the high bright sunshine.

On to another mark to hunt for some larger Wrasse, but they were not taking the lures, rather sucking them given a lot of missed strikes and more colourful language, honestly we could have painted the Saltee’s there was that much of it !. We did manage more ling, very aggressive takes from these fish and they fight extremely hard on the light rods. Pat pulled up more Codling after a quiet spell and the Sombrero got called into action again. More Pouting took a liking to the lures…topic of conversation soon turned to Conger on SPs..surely not possible?,,,wel see 🙂

‘My Lure was coming around with the current, a slight lift of the rod to break contact with the bottom, slam……..rod bends towards the seabed. I lift into the fish, he holds steady….this is a good fish, he holds against the current in 90 feet of water cant gain any line on him. I apply more drag ..got to get him away from the bottom…..zip zip zip …no Im going to lose him as he runs for some cover, I apply even more drag and the fish comes around I gain about 30 feet of line inbetween his kelp lunges, nearly half way up now he must be beat….. Pats eyes light up as he watches the line peel off my reel, zip zip zip a strong fish..it lasts around 5 – 8 seconds, im just a passenger! He finally stops and I have all that work to do again, up he comes again and makes yet another dive, wrist starting to ache now..redbull required. Barry has the net on standby as the faint flash is visable below, yeah hes big….I loosen drag, dont want to loose him now..easy does it….hes finally landed and regurgitates a full Mackeral as I unhook him ! job done what a healthy fish’

We finshed up at 4pm to  get Barry back for his suprise Birthday Party!

Happy Birthday Lad.



Support your local business.

24 06 2010

This in not a Blog to promote anything other than the decent fishing around Wexford, but I do want to give people the heads up that decent Japanese/French Tackle can now be got locally in Wexford Town.

The likes of Duo, Megabass, Tackle  House, Sebile…Xlayers, Spindle Worms plus many more can be got in 2 shops on the Main Street:

Murphy’s Fishing Tackle Shop

North Main Street
Wexford, Co. Wexford
053 9124717

Hayes Cycles & Fishing Tackle

108 South Main Street
Wexford, Co. Wexford
053 912 2462

These shops do not have a website.


Learning every day.

21 06 2010

Taking Pollock off the top in the middle of the night, what a buzz!

Soft Plastics tempting jumbo Mackeral.

An just when you think your making progress and starting to suss the whole thing out,……you blank !

Ive come to the conclusion that il never have it sussed out 🙂 But it dosent matter im having right criac just being out on the water.

You gotta love it !


What a way to start the day.

17 06 2010

5 am start, first cast , 4lb Wrasse.

A great test for my new light outfit: rod 7g-25g, reel 3000 size.

Happy Days.


Its here.

16 06 2010

16th of June.

The waiting is over, the tackle has been checked and rechecked, tide tables have been printed off, marks have been planned out in my head.
I have 4 days off from work for some solid time on the water and the weather is fantastic too !.

Time to say hello to the Silver fellas again.



Back up and running again !

8 06 2010

I havnt been updating the blog lately due to my router packing up over a week ago again, finally got he replacement today, which interestingly will be my 5th in 2 years ! Pure rubbish …

Anyway have been out targeting the Hounds over the while and can honetly say the fishing on my usual marks has been shocking to say the least.
For the last 5 years I have been catching them from late April/early May, with the larger numbers turning up the end of May/early June on 3 particular Wexford marks.
I fished these same marks over the last week, in what were great conditions with an ideal tide state, and the results were poor compared with historic catches. I fished the same tide last year in similar conditions and was averaging 10 plus Hounds in short sessions on the same marks without breaking a sweat….

Questions, Questions, Questions….

This little Hound kicked things off for me last week, a 3/0 pennel pulley loaded with a frozen crab placed on the lee of a sandbank.