The Mystery of August ….

18 08 2011

Back in the day when I was a young fella, I spent the first 2 weeks of August every year bait fishing for Bass. This  coincided with my birthday which gave me an excuse to go missing for a ‘few’ days….

Fast forward to 2011 and my findings back then are very similar to my findings the last 2 weeks; Bass go missing on the Wexford coast line in August ! Okay maybe that’s a bit strong, there is still Bass around but they are either on a diet or they are sick of the sight of me throwing lures at them and completely ignore my offerings!
I have been rambling on about this to the lads for the past few weeks, Crevan put the point forward that it tailed off dramatically mid July. Probably never know why, anyway as I look at it there’s too much thinking and not enough fishing when it comes down to Bass Angling ……Just Relax And Fish.

Barry Getting Stuck Into A Big Wrasse.

We have been out and caught a few fish all the same but nothing like what we were getting pre Ban.

Alas there are other species around our coastline worth putting the time in for if Bass fishing is a bit quiet!
Here is some of the conditions and fish we encountered over the last couple of weeks:

One of the better mornings.

Pushing Tide.

Good Surf Running.

Triple Hook Up.

Big Lips.

Pat with a Kelp loving Wrasse.

Barry with a Wrasse.


Big Paddle Wrasse.


A few Bass turned up too ...

Explosive Take.....Clean out of the Water....

Here are some under water shots I got, when I felt like getting wet !

This is the area we were hitting Bass in numbers.

Same location as above, wave just passed over head.

Below a big cresting wave on Bass Ville in the South East.

Below the surface where the Wrasse hunt Part 1

Part 2.

Part 3.

Part 4.

Bass are preoccupied doing something else at the moment
Wrasse and Pollock are in abundance on our coastline if you target them correctly, both to 5lb weight.
Dead Sticking in turbulent water resulted in a Wrasse every cast for a duration.
Soft Plastic used was an Xlayer in various colors and jig head weights. (I used 5g Bachi)
Bailiffs were out doing their job on a local mark that is being hammered at the moment ( Fair Play lads! )
Its nearly christmas 🙂

Just Relax And Fish.


Top of the morning..

1 08 2011

After a fantastic few days away from the fishing up at the Galway Race Festival (one day at the races and 5 winners!!!), it was back into it early this morning. The lads were heading out on the boat, but due to time constraints I opted for a solo session on the shore.

The fishing had been slow while we were away and the lads were finding it tough out on the water, so I was a bit hesitant to set the alarm for 4am, but sure if your not in you can’t win …and all that !

Arrived on location, the rain was easing to a light mist, sky was cloudy/dull and it was quite humid….my favorite Bass weather. Sea state was calm, with a gentle swell inter spread with some floating weed.  It was just off high water as I launched my first cast of the x140  to a known Bass holding area.

I flicked over the bail arm and looked out to the target area before beginning the retrieve. The rod arched seawards, fish on. I played the fish in slowly and let it run a few times even though it was not huge to ensure the hook hold. Fish landed and the smile was from ear to ear.

Morning Glory.

With the fish on its way and the cobwebs clear I scanned the water to see some tails and fins showing between 40-60 yards out, I  sent a cast in front of the direction they were travelling. Fish on again after a few turns of the reel, yes I have hit a shoal of feeding Bass said the voice in the  I played the fish in after a short walk down the shore as this Bass meant business and wasn’t interested in being bullied in the slightest.

2nd Cast 2nd Bass

Another fish on its way, a quick scan of the water and I spotted another tail and cast to it. I let the lure sit for a few seconds after impact……Fish on again, I was now starting to sweat due to sheer adrenaline, absolutely brilliant buzz!
I got the fish in and released it quickly as I now wanted to try for a fish off the top, on with the Gun Fish.

Boil, slow it down… Splash, Splash, Cmon on Fish ON !!!
Fish safely a shore for a picture before it shoots off again to harass some more bait fish.

Get Some

The session lasted around 90mins, 8 fish landed; 3 off the top and 5 on sub surface lures. A seal came swimming through the feeding area about 50mins into the session which killed all surface activity. I did not connect with a fish after this event.

Sight fishing – all fish were casted to after I spotted a ‘disturbance’ on the water line (except the first fish)
4 fish on the x 140
3 fish on the Gun Fish
1 fish on the Jackson Athlete
Remember to clear your camera memory card before heading out! (hence lack of pictures)

It is going to be a good week I think.