About My Angling Buddies

Name: Pat Gahan
Location: Enniscorthy
Angling History:

I’m from Davidstown just outside Enniscorthy and like most lads from Enniscorthy I spent my childhood fishing the river Slaney for the elusive trout but as the years passed by I moved onto sea fishing both from the shore and the boat but I always love going back to the river and try and catch a few sea trout every summer.
I started off fishing on my 4th birthday when my father got me my first rod and reel. I stayed at the river fishing for a good few years until my father Pat also, brought me fishing down in slade for mackerel. From then on I was hooked on sea fishing and shortly after that I was brought on my first boat trip out of Kilgore Quay and never looked back.
A few years ago I bought ‘Wahoo’ an Orkney Day Angler 20. I have found this to be an outstanding boat over the past few years, she has excellent sea keeping abilities, easy to maneuver and launch and recovery is no bother either with a good slipway. This is what boat fishing is all about. Being able to fish where ever and when you like as long as the weather is with you. Since I got the boat I have had the chance to experiment a lot of different types of angling and target a lot of different species at different venues. Last year was a great example, we said (Barry and Danny) we’d try and fish shallow water with our shore bass fishing tactics. All I can say is it worked big time. We had some of the best fishing I’ve ever seen in this country.

When I fancy a change of scenery I love heading out on a charter boat and fish some marks that might be difficult to reach in my own boat. For this job Martin Colfer from Duncannon that operates a Blyth Caterman “Rececca C” out of Youghal is your man. Its down there is where I love catching congers, where I have had some fantastic scraps over the years.

The biggest change in my angling career was in 2009 when Danny, Barry and myself decided to make a good stab at spinning for bass. After a good few false starts, no make that a lot of false starts and miles and miles of hiking we learned more and more each day. Eventually we had a bit of luck and started getting a few fish and each day we learned a bit more, I hope that continues now in 2010 and one of might hook into a specimen, bring on the billies…

Name: Barry Howlin
Location: Wexford
Angling History:

Barry on the Bass.


Coming soon.

Name:Crevan Dunford
Location: Wexford
Angling History:

Crevan on the Wrasse.

Coming soon.


3 responses

20 02 2012
john lindsay

Nice blog.quality fish ..great sea trout biggest I ever took was 7lbs from the open sea fantastic sport on the fly .

Many more tight lines,
Kindest regards

21 02 2012

Hi John,

Thanks for the comments. That is a fine Sea Trout on the Fly in the Salt, nice. Great looking website you have there, a lot of detail in it.


15 08 2016
Micheal Morgan

Have to agree with Danny great site lots of info and some very good video clips

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