21 February 2010

21 02 2010

9 hours on the Lures/Soft Plastics, 15 – 20 miles of walking/hiking/climbing/wading, absolutely glorious day to be out, fish are only a bonus:

18th February 2010

18 02 2010

Barry and Pat ventured out last night for a haul of codling on the bait rods, the cutting chill is still in the air and the  oldbucket mouths are still around to keep you busy. I have no pictures to put up unforunately. I was not in attendance due to a lovely synus infection !  Plus my camera situation will have to be addressed before the fishing kicks off, time to hunt around for another cheap point and shoot. I went through 3 last year ..love salt water 🙂

The three of use went to a local pier after dark with the light rods & soft plastics, we  hit small pollock with the xlayers. It was interesting, shining your headlight into the water attracted the fish, drop your SP in and a a couple of twitches later a litlle pollock comes up to say hello. Great craic to pass an hour in the evening.

Expecting to see the odd sea trout by-catch the start of the season again this year particuly on the small shallow divers… great fighters and quite docile when they go back, I noticed last year they tend to ‘hang around’  awhile quite content with their nose into the tide before they glide off.

13th Febraury 2010

14 02 2010

Apologies for the lack of updates lately, the latest windows update has killed my computer… the dreaded BSOD has appeared!

Anyway the water clarity is now excellent, a lovely marine blue colour greeeted us yesterday as we tried a few marks.
Unfortunately the fish just dont seem to be here yet.

We did see a few seals patroling a few marks for the first time this year which is always a good sign, better double check the hooks and split rings 🙂

03 Feb 2010

3 02 2010

Aye, just paid for the flights there for our return trip to Skjervoy in the Nothern tip of Norway:…This year we will be leving the heavy gear at home, instead we will be targeting big Coailes on the lure rods armed with Soft Plastics and Plugs.

03 Feb 2010

3 02 2010

I was just flicking through my diary from last year. We started to catch Bass in numbers from the second week in Febuary, Although very lean they were great sport.
Hopefully this year will follow suit 🙂 .

30th January 2010

1 02 2010

The water is clearing, visibility has increased to around 3 feet below the surface ……