A long time coming …….

30 04 2010

A strong Westerly was blowing in gusts when I left work, hummm what to do….
I rang Barry and he called up to the house and I flicked a coin to decide whether to go Bait fishing or Lure fishing, Harps it was so we were going on the Lures for the evening 🙂
A quick call to Pat to inform him of the plan and it was all systems go, we loaded up and off we went.

Location 1

Arrived on location and were greeted with huge surf and a lot of white water, excellent conditions for the surfer dudes or throwing out a bit of bait but not for the Lures!
Out past the surf the water was a lovely Aqua Marine color you get with a nice Westerly in Wexford. Right so I suggested we try a new location, we had seen it over low water before on one of our investigations and it looked like it should hold fish over high water, and seen as it was an hour off the top of the tide….. on we went.

Location 2

Arrived on location 2, and conditions looked more user friendly. albeit with a large swell rolling in. We geared up and off we went, Barry choosing to start proceedings with a giant Xlayer in the Shrimp pattern while I went with the giant Xlayer in Aurora Shad pattern both on 12g jig heads.
Now I will try put the location into perspective, large under water features lay to the left around 30 yards out from some exposed rocks, a prime ambush point. Space fishing into these was limited due to the nature of the exposed rock formation as the tide had cut off access to a better fishing point further to the left…(well so we thought until Pat arrived a little later!). Water clarity was not great, milky tint to it with some suspended weed mixed in for good measure.

Anyway Barry took up position immediately to the right of the feature while I slotted in around 30 yards further up to his right, I had just about reached my spot when I heard , ‘YES….OH YES….’ I turned to see his rod bent seawards… ‘Bass’  says I as I scrambled across the lethal wet rocks. ‘Billy..its a Billy !’ shouts Barry as I approached the base of the rock he was on, I quickly grabbed his line eased the fish in to land on a breaking wave.
What a moment as the Silver Bar looks back at you, hundreds of hours put in so far this year in search of these beauties, and first cast on a new location Barry nails one ! Ha, smiles to beat the band, and Barry even gave him a kiss ! as a couple of quick photos were taken and the fish was put back into the water and off he swam.

What a buzz ! Its easy to forget the Adrenalin rush of it all kicking off… Barry went back to his perch as I made my way back up to the right. I seen Pat arriving up beside Barry as I made a couple of casts. Remember the  ‘cut off ‘access to a better fishing point further to the left of Barry? well I look on as Pat is wading up to his upper chest in water no messing !!!  and would you believe his first cast on the Ayu small Xlayer he connects with a Bass !…off I clamber across the rocks again with the camera…  to the faint shouts of ‘YES …YES BOY’ …he lands the fish happy days but I cant get to him from Barrys rock to get a proper picture as the tide has risen further and I wasn’t in the mood for swimming 🙂 Fish swims away happy out as I make my way back up to the right….. I hear more shouts, Pat is into another one..off I go back down to the lads again…..It feels like im in a get fit video on lethal rocks..great craic! as I get there the fish throws the hook, im nearly swept off my feet by a large breaking wave and get a proper soaking for my troubles 🙂

Right so I head back up to the right again…30 minutes or so passes with no more action, so I headed further up to the right looking for some action, while the two lads stayed where they were. A further 20/30mins passed and still no action for me and I couldn’t make out if the lads were getting any more action so I decided to head back to them to investigate. I got back up to Barry’s rock ‘Any more Billy’s for ya’s?’ say I, ‘Barry replies ‘Nah nothing……….Oh ….’ his rod slams down mid sentence ‘YES…..HAHA…YES’  I look out by the last of the exposed rocks and sure enough there is a nice Bass thrashing around on the surface. He then dove down and swan to the left getting close to the rocks and then turned and went back off to the right past me taking line on Barry as he tried to keep the rod tip up as the waves broke around him. The fish made one last surge back up to the left towards the rocks but a large carried him into land.
A fine fish that tipped the scales at 5 and a half pound on the Boga, looked back at us, a tide Minnow Surf in sand eel pattern was hanging from his bottom lip by the middle treble. Excellent fight and an excellent fish …Well done Barry! A couple of photos, and back to it.

The lads took up their positions and I had a quick cast beside Barry’s rock with my Tide Minnow F , 5 turns in I got nailed , rod bent over and gave 3 sharp pulls as Barry looked on then it all want slack… it wasn’t to be the fish got off.

So I decided to move again and leave the lads I went off down to the left to a litlle bay and deep waded to get within casting distance of some rocks that were beginning to show as the tide started to fall. Nothing showed for my efforts here, the lads came down to me shortly after as it became to shallow to fish where they were. As light was fading we decided to try another mark before headed home.

Location 3

It was getting dark quite quickly, This location was full of loose weed so I chose a System Minnow and flicked it out between 2 seals and worked it for 10 min’s be fore we called it a day.  On the way back Barry decided to ‘Test’ the power of an electric fence…he got lifted out of it.com 🙂

A great evening, by all accounts and a long time coming!
The two lads have opened their Bass account, while have opened up a new fitness regime !

Maybe I will open my account this evening? Well I won’t be for a lack of trying that’s for sure 🙂

Stay Tuned.


Silver Bars Located in Wexford

29 04 2010

On the Lures:

Report to Follow.


25 April 2010

25 04 2010

We ventured out for a couple of hours on the Lures. A strenghting Southerly pushing a nice swell accompanied by a moderate dose of rain tested the waterproof clothing. A nice bit of weed was suspended in the water too adding insult to injury. We gave it a couple of hours, not a sign of a fish.

A series of photos showing a wave rolling in :


And whats going on here then ? :


22 April 2010

22 04 2010

Had a day off today so I headed out for a picnic in Wexford Harbour with the family.

I had some bait left over from Tueday night so I brought the rods ………. 🙂

Well I didnt even get a bite !

Spent the day teaching my eldest Conor a few bits a pieces on the fishing front, very enjoyable afternoon.


21 April 2010

21 04 2010

Barry and myself went out for a couple of hours to throw a abit of bait to tempt the Silver Bars that were avoiding our lures…

We done a quick stop enroute to dig a bit of Lug to go with a few frozen crab we had.

Arrived on location, geared up and set off to our mark. Conditions were what you expect from the recent settled weather, calm sea with no swell or surf, no breeze and the water was qite clear and warm ! 🙂

Set up and the chosen gear for the evening for the both of us was a Tip Tornado LD matched with a 7ht loaded with 15lb/70lb Daiwa Tournament. At the business end we used a 4/o Pennel Pulley with 5oz Breakaway lead.

First cast and I was into a Bass, followed by 2 more in quick sucession, it was obvious the fish were feeding in the area with the rod tips lurching seaward at will. Missed bites, slack lines and talks of driving to Norway to fish if the planes are still grounded in August ! added to the excitment, while we hauled in the fish between photos.

In all we caught 11 Bass ( all schoolies) 1 Codling and 1 L.S.D.
All fish were caught on Lug at around 40 yards distance bar 1 Bass and 1 L.S.D. which took Barry’s frozen crab offering.
All fish were released and swam away well.

A pleasant evening to be out to dust off the bait rods.

Im still going Lure fishing the week end though !!!


18 April 2010

18 04 2010

We were out at Dawn again, beatiful morning water clarity was excellent with plenty of Sea Trout about. Unfortunately we did not connect with any Bass…

17 April 2010

17 04 2010

I was asked recently what I use Soft Plastic wise from the boat.

Well here is the current contents of my Boat Soft Plastic box:

Apologies for the picture quality.

Jig Heads here are varying in shape, size and weight ( 7g – 22g). Soft Plastics body shape also varying to give different resistance & action dpending on conditions on the day (  drift speed, strenght of tide etc.)
There is also a good mixture of colours in there too, ive been suprised recently while out on the boat, where on a given day the colour choice can be the difference between a fish or a blank. Its good to note down the conditions when this occurs for future reference, so you can see if there is a trend developing etc.