Double Trouble.

27 07 2010

5am rise, Pat and Mark was already en route to the slip with Wahoo in tow. No movement from the trees outside as I loaded the gear in Barry’s van. It was going be a good day, no wind and a slightly over cast sky masking the dawn sun.

As usual we were going the light fishing route, lure rods and soft plastics being the order of the day, although we did bring the heavy stuff to break in for Norway to be used later in the day.

Wahoo loaded up, we pushed off from the slip on high water an made our way out through the gently rolling swell, Mark joined the crew for the day and we inspected the Pike bait caster set up brought with him to tackle the Pollock on the SP’s. Yep he was going to have some Craic with that later on !

Strange no sea birds were attacking the surface of the water this morning, maybe they were full ? As usual we were the only pleasure boat out this early so there wasn’t a sound to be heard as the engine was knocked off for the first pass of an underwater ledge. This is what it’s all about….

The Craic was 90 as Mark came to grips with this new style of fishing, (he would be fond of the Fresh Water), he said I would be a dangerous lad on the river bank the way I was casting the SP’s up tide… “Ha…There wouldn’t be a tree safe on the far bank with him lad” I think were his words, “Hedge cutting in Progress” was my response” 🙂

Marks bait caster bends down hard as he hooks up on his mini pirk, a great struggle on the light rod resulted in a codling around 2lb, and a big grin on Marks face said it all!. “Wait until a decent Pollock hits you” I smirked 🙂 The first drift only produced a couple of Ling in the 2lb/3lb bracket. So we moved off to find some water with a faster flow.

Second location was really ripping as the tide ebbed out over some underwater peaks, drift initiated, everyone on SP’s now, rods begin to arch around the boat everyone with a smile on their face bar Pat, he was going to have one of those days missing bite after bite! Mark feels the force of a crash diving Pollock for the first time, rod bent to the cork, the bait caster singing as it struggles to release line fast enough to the energetic fish… he’s not smiling any more now ha ha as his arm begins to feel the strain of the fish on its 3rd run. This was clearly a good fish as it goes for its 4th run, net required here I think. Colorful language fills the boat as the fish shows its flanks ” that’s got to be a double…” and it was as it clearly swings the scales over the magical 10lb mark a very tired Mark looks pleased to say the least as he admires the largest fish he has ever landed. Brilliant stuff on the light rod! And the first double figure Pollock landed on the Wahoo too. I landed a fish at the same time amid the chaos, a Pollock which swung the scales over 8lb which made for a nice picture. Happy Days.

The drift is set up again as we travelled at a rate of knots down tide in the flow, my imitation eel gets nailed as I twitch it of the bottom and the reel starts to sing, the fish gathers pace in the rip as I hang on … line peeling off ” This is a good fish” 10 seconds later the braid breaks leaving me with only 50 yards of braid…gutted to say the least. Spare spool was subbed in as the lads took Pollock to 5lb which really show their fighting ability in the fast flowing water. Pat gets off the mark with a fine Pollock as Barry battles a fish which does not want to come up, a 5.5lb Pollock was the result of the struggle and his SP in bits …daily gear 🙂

I’m geared up again and ready for the next drift, imitation sand eel is flick up tide, the braid entering the water just off the bow when I once again get a strong take, rod arched over as I set the hook and line starts to peel off, the line now entering the water aft of the boat. 1st run was strong but nothing new, as I gained a few yards on the fish it went up a gear and really tested my drag, “THIS IS A GOOD FISH” honestly the second run last a good 10 seconds at an increased pace. Incredible!!!!
After each run which amounted to 5, the fish just hung there against my drag for a slight stalemate before I began gaining a few yards until the fish began to tire. Up through the water Colum it came, the fish was visible a long way down… my legs began to shake as I realized I had a personal best here.

The fish was safely landed and as expected swung the scales over the magical 10lb mark for the second time that day…absolutely unbelievable!!

The fish was let recover and released, she kicked off strong. It took me a while to gather myself after that. SOME BUZZ!!

I managed to land another 8lb fish soon after, another great fight which tested the light gear, more Red Bull required!

Meanwhile the lads were getting great sport on the drop mid water, Barry and Pat landing Codling and Coal Fish while Mark went Species hunting, think he managed 11 species on the SP’s in the end.

I caught an octopus too which was legitimately hooked in the beak, they are some cool yokes! Bright red until I put him on the white seat..Guess what? He changed color to white!! Crazy little fella.

We broke out the heavy gear for the last hour in the evening and threw out the anchor to shake down the gear in preparation for the Norwegian Halibuts. We landed lots of L.S.D.s and Bull Huss but no Tope showed unfortunately. Barry was rigged up for Tope on his Super Mix… now that would have been a sight if the Tope were around! Pat got a nice take over the rough stuff at anchor by a suspected conger but the fish was lost, watch this space…

Using the heavy gear for the first time in a long time felt awkward, cumbersome and numb. Don’t think I could go back to that type of fishing after Norway.

Species Landed:
Codling, Coal Fish, Pollock, Red Gurnard, Launce, Mackerel, Poor Cod, Lesser Spotted Dog Fish, Bull Huss, Octopus, Ling, Sand eel, Wrasse, and Pouting.

Tackle used:
Various Lure rods rating ranging from 10–60g
4000 size reels.
A Fresh water bait caster outfit.
Jig Heads ranging from 14g – 35g
Soft Plastics
Copious amounts of Red Bull!

Lesson learned:
Don’t forget your sun block in future !


Peer Pressure :)

25 07 2010


“Sure you have to keep her going lad”
“Are ya mad”
“All that effort and your given up”

There some of the quotes the lads showered me with when I told them .

So, due to a bit of peer pressure from the lads I have been convinced to try  keep the Blog going.

Getting time to keep it going will be the only limiting factor.

Take Two



22 07 2010

I have decided to discontinue the Blog.

Thanks for looking.



14 07 2010

An Irish Summer…


8 07 2010