18th February 2010

18 02 2010

Barry and Pat ventured out last night for a haul of codling on the bait rods, the cutting chill is still in the air and the  oldbucket mouths are still around to keep you busy. I have no pictures to put up unforunately. I was not in attendance due to a lovely synus infection !  Plus my camera situation will have to be addressed before the fishing kicks off, time to hunt around for another cheap point and shoot. I went through 3 last year ..love salt water 🙂

The three of use went to a local pier after dark with the light rods & soft plastics, we  hit small pollock with the xlayers. It was interesting, shining your headlight into the water attracted the fish, drop your SP in and a a couple of twitches later a litlle pollock comes up to say hello. Great craic to pass an hour in the evening.

Expecting to see the odd sea trout by-catch the start of the season again this year particuly on the small shallow divers… great fighters and quite docile when they go back, I noticed last year they tend to ‘hang around’  awhile quite content with their nose into the tide before they glide off.