When colour makes the difference.

24 07 2011

Fished the last hour of the rise today on a mark I have neglected due to laziness if the truth be known.

Soft Plastics were out due to the  nature of the terrain so I clipped on a brown X140. First cast went out and my mind was not at the races as I drew the lure towards me over large submerged rock. I looked down just as I lifted the lure out of the water and looking back at me was a fine Bass, her dark back contrasting  nicely against the lightly colored rock. She seen me, turned and swam away…….good man Dan !!!!!

I flicked the lure out again to the same spot and this time engaged the brain, as the lure came back to me I scanned the water and spotted another Bass following the lure which shot off as soon as I raised the rod. Emmm somethings not right….

I changed lure to a black back x140and fired out to the same spot…. BANG !!! fish on , rod arched over and i let out an audible ‘ha yes’ even though I was on my own .. ….great satisfaction and buzzz !!  Nice fight off the fish which posed for a quick picture before it was back on its way again.

Get Some !

I cast out to the same spot again and I was in again after a few turns of the reel, If Carlsberg done fishing ! I played the fish in as it kited left and right in front of me. Another one on the bank ready for a quick picture before swimming off.

I don't know much about photography, but this picture just says it all for me and my fishing!

The fishing was on, the tide pushed me off my spot so I had to move, second cast and I got nailed just under the rod tip as a flash of silver engulfed my lure… que line peeling and drag under pressure. I unhooked the fish in the water and off it went, the fish on, I dropped a good few due to hooks failing and had multiple follows on different lures just before  I landed one more just on high water. As soon as high water hit the activity stopped, I tried 5 more locations along the the same stretch of coastline but nothing showed.

I gave the surface lures 30 mins of action but no return for my efforts.

Below a surface lure.

Short sessions are a lot easier on the back 🙂





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1 12 2011

Enjoyed your post look forward to reading more.

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