Westerly Window Opens

16 07 2011

The wind was blowing strong from the South up until around 6am this morning, then the ‘window’ opened as it swung Westerly and lost some strength, coinciding with high water.

My alarm went off at silly o clock as usual, I check conditions out the window and went back to bed …
The alarm went off again a couple of hours later and I seen the ‘window’, straight into to the car and don’t spare the horses!

On location, second cast results in a fish over the 6lb mark, 4th cast resulted in an extremely hard fighting 5lb fish. These fish were caught just before the tide turned, when it did turn the fish left the area just as the wind picked up strength again.

5LB of pure power !

Ready for launch.

Lift off.

The X140 was the chosen Lure, but the hooks are extremely soft on these lures. I would recommend you change the trebles if you use them, before you lose that fish of a life time !