A look back on the previous weeks Angling.

4 07 2011

Fishing has become patchy the last couple of days over the New Moon. Crystal clear water and settled weather makes working harder to find the fish that bit easier on the body.

Here is some shots of the experience:

I was sorry I forgot my sun glasses that morning !

Down she goes.

A mixed bag.

Keep your Gold... I only want the Silver.

Pat with his best mate !

A welcomed Billy.

Its not easy taking a picture of your self !

Drag Screamer Dot Com

The Tackle and the Target.

Billy picked the right right lure that morning.

Possibly the best soft plastic for Bass? Too bad they are discontinued !!

Bass swimming off in the shallows.

Ready to go back.

Another one heads on its way.

Rudder Amidships.

Good Afternoon Billy.

A side view.

See the marks on its head. Searching between rocks for food maybe?

Another side of a Billy.

Double hook up being released.

Another one swims off into the blue.

The JOB !!!

Lures Doing The Business At The Moment For Us:

Storm Sand Eel

Mega Bass Xlayer

Tackle House Contact Node

Mega Bass X140

There is not enough hours in the day!





6 responses

4 07 2011
pete smith ireland

Cracking fish youv’e taken Danny and the pictures are stunning, things are very quiet here at the moment with just the odd schoolie, but have a mark in mind that’s not to far away from home which hopefully will produce for me.

11 07 2011

How ya Pete, it went a bit quite around here as well, must have been something to do with weather air pressure etc, the fishing turned off on other species too. It wasn’t only the Bass, I heard of Hounds, Tope, Pollock all going off the feed around the same time.

5 07 2011
Dave O Reilly

This is just excellent Danny, well done. You can even hear what humans sound like to a Bass. Those photos are class.

11 07 2011

How ya Dave, Il have to invest in scuba equipment for more pictures because I get fairly wet taking them 🙂 ! The sound I strange alright, they must think we are mad.

10 07 2011
Dick McClary

Sometimes just ‘being there’ is enough, as your pics show …

11 07 2011

Good Evening Dick, How are things.

Yep you cant beat the experience of it happening around you, its a great buzz.


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