The start of the rise.

23 07 2011

Went out for look mid week after work, and headed to a location where I was confident I would encounter some good quality Wrasse on the start of the rise.

Condition’s were calm due to the light variable northerly wind, some suspended weed was present but nothing to interfere with the proceedings.  30 minutes of playing around on the top I switched to a SP and bounced the bottom through a dark hole between two large submerged boulders. Yes, there was a fish shadowing the lure …. but it did not attack it. It seemed to just escort it out of its area. Cast out again and repeated the same routine, and agin the lure was shadowed but not taken. So I cast out again but this time I was more positive with the up swing and the fish shot out again and sat just off my SP so I let the SP sit there for a few seconds before I lifted into the up swing again ……BANG and the lure was gone !! 🙂

Line peeled off the reel as the fish made a dart to my left, I turned it and it shot off to the right, I turned it again and it dove deep into the boulders keeping the pressure on I raised its head and eased it to shore. Great Buzz, love catching them on light tackle, great sport.

3.5 lb Of Color Power

3.5lb Wrasse

With the fish returned I tried the same technique in a different dark patch between 2 more boulders, I got hit but did not hook up…. my SP was gone! I stuck on a new one and flicked it out 20 yards to the same area, the rod arched over as the fish fought hard and stayed deep, another good Wrasse I thought…. the sun hit its flank and flashed that great blue/silver reflection you only get off a Bass. I was surprised as I was sure it was a Wrasse the way it fought, the heart rate elevated as I guided it through some rocks amid a lot of head shaking. A solid Bass was landed and I was happy out !

Mid Week Bass

Front End.

Day Light targeting System !

I added another Bass soon after and had 3 more SP’s robbed on me by fish feeding aggressively….

The fishing went flat as we approached the second hour of the rise until the light began to fade and the Pollock came on the feed which were added to the species count.

The Sand Eel done the business again for me.

Its nearly time to go Donkey hunting 🙂






3 responses

24 07 2011

Nice report Danny ,and great photos. It must be terrible to have those nasty Bass interfering with your Wrasse fishing. Was out after wrasse yesterday myself,love them,keep it up, i love your Blog,

24 07 2011

Ha, Bass are always welcome Dave ! Cheers for the comments,,,, keep those Smoothies coming 😉

3 12 2011

Bass are welcome along with most other fish. Always find mtself catching something that I wasn’t fishing for. Nice photo spread and post keep em coming.

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