Friday morning before the weather turned…

15 07 2011

I got out for the first time since the 8th of July this morning, day booked off work and Mark tagged along to for the spin. I wanted to get a couple of hours in early doors before the weather turned bad. On route at 4am driving through torrential rain were two crocks, Mark with a chest infection and me with a throat infection …….must be mad !!

Conditions were  calmer than what was forecast when we arrived which threw my plans out the window! We moved around chopped and changed lures until we got into some fish. Mark was on the Hard Plastics and I was on the Soft Plastics.

Golden Bass.

Tide Pushing In.

Action Stations.

3 Bass followed this Billy to my feet. It looked like they were trying to get the SP out of his mouth ! A great spectacle.

Up Close With Billy.

Skin Piercing Spikes !



A quick session and we were back in time for breakfast to see my wind tree in the front garden swaying like 3am reveler.

That’s the boat expedition up on blocks for  tomorrow!