The Depths…..

6 06 2011

With the ban Ban in full swing, and as the title suggests I am missing the the Billy’s !!!

Anyway, broke the lure rod out for the first time today since the the Ban kicked in, target species were Wrasse and Pollock on the soft plastics.A day aboard Wahoo was the plan for the day but conditions didn’t suit our preferred fishing method so we were to travel on foot instead.

First location:
It was a tried and tested Wrasse hide out, the weather was glorious as we arrived at 7am, the sea was flat calm and the shoals of bait fish were easy to spot in the crystal clear water. No fish showed for the lads, I managed to hook a sneaky Wrasse that had followed my finesse worm into the shore line on 2 previous casts.  A fine colored fish it was pulling the scales over the 3lb mark. We decided to move on….

June Wexford Wrasse

Second Location:
A couple of weeks ago Barry and Crevan had been fishing  a deep water mark they discovered while out on a sortie, and today they led me to it ….complete with blind fold …. 🙂

The mountain goat led the way as the two Bambi’s on ice followed….

It was a mark I had seen before but not fished, it looked good for a few decent fish as the wind freshened from the South West.

South Westerly increasing on second location.

Over the duration of the session the wind and sea sate took on a split personality with casts not reaching 20 yards at best, it was tough going but we managed to pull a few fish out of the depths. I hooked up first with a baby wrasse followed by a drag screamer, rod bent double, up to the left, then to the right and finally in behind me a large golden brown Pollock surfaced but he slipped the hook as Barry tried to lift him, a promising start!

More Pollock followed with Barry getting in on the action and I knocked up a few more in around the 2-3lb bracket, Crevan must have been sweating as he hooked in to his first fish…’about time too’ was his shout as the smile finally appeared.

Aurora Shad Pollock

I pulled out another Wrasse and some more Pollock before we called it quites.

Aurora Shad Wrasse.

Up close with Paddy.

B&W Wrasse

I need new wading boots! Fell 3 times today and nearly smashed the Twin Power in the process due to lack of grip.
I have a camera…… use it !! Lack of pictures in the report ….. apologies.
Red Bull now comes in a bottle ,,, definitely a Dragons Den idea 🙂
Aurora  Shad Xlayer caught 6 of my fish today and induced a lot of follows.

A grand day out but it only took the mind off the Billy’s for a few hours…..





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