Starry Starry Night.

12 06 2011

Right lets get the Hounds in, and out of our system for another year. Here we go :

Fresh and frozen peeler crab acquired, pennel pulley rigs tied, reels and line inspected it was time to convert a once non believer into a Hound Junkie….

The phone rings out, sleeping beauty, sorry Crevan 🙂 must still be asleep, on we drive.
Myself and Barry arrive on location and get set up on the start of the rise. High water was into darkness and along with the calm sea conditions, the fishing looked promising. We both sent a juicy crab bait out  after we dusted off the old bait fishing cob webs and slotted back into the old routine.

As I was running down the various bits of gear I had with me, I noticed that the battery on my camera was fully charged but I had left the memory card at home….If you ever need an omen for a great nights fishing, well that is it. The internal memory is non existent on this camera BTW ( Fuji Film XP 30 )

On with the fishing, I managed to tempt 2 illegal bait robbers who were quickly released back into the depths ( see ye next week 😉 ) Crevan arrived soon after and was visibly refreshed from his siesta.

History Lesson 101
Crevan is a Lure man by trade, bait fishing is not really his thing if the truth be known…as he informed us a few weeks ago when we mentioned a smoothie session.
Now I gave him a jolly good pep talk on the merits of bait fishing in relation to Smooth Hounds and their fighting ability in caparison to our other local sea species etc. Anyway…… I dont think he was too convinced, one will learn 🙂

Anyway no sooner did the sand man have his bait in the water, the cheeky fecker hooked and battled a Starry Smooth to the shore behind my back , which swung the scales over the 6lb mark. Fantastic fish, and the non believer now had a buzz even Red Bull couldn’t match.
Unfortunately I did not have the memory card to grab a picture of the action, theres always tomorrow though.

A Man Converted
As I type, himself and the Interceptor ( Young Pat Gahan ) are back out again chasing the Hounds and I am led to believe he is wanting to accompany myself tomorrow night when I go chasing them. I wonder who has the bug now……..

The Interceptor Arrives
Young Pat Gahan takes one for the team and donates a memory card to me just as the pack of Hounds come on the feed. As I set the camera up, rods begin to be lifted out of tripods left right and center……get some !!! …this is what its all about.


The Main Event
As Hounds hunt in packs and generally don’t hold back when attacking a food source you can understand the next 2 hours is a bit of a blur.The madness begun seeing Barry kick off proceedings with a fine fish ( don’t know if it was weighed, too busy running up and down the beach taking pictures! )

Barry's Hound

Barry with his Starry Smooth Hound just before it is returned.

I went back to check on my rod and noticed the line was way off its original location and the spool of the reel was looking a lot lighter. I tightened the drag and engaged the fish who fought well for its size and after a couple of minutes it broke the surface around 50 yards out in a semi jump tail walk effort. Great Buzz as Crevan and I watched it fight to the shore.

Danny with a Starry Smooth Hound.

Pat was next to do battle with a fine Hound, the fish gave him a serious fight and brought him on a little walk up the beach !
The fish was eventually landed and hit the scales at 8lb as Pats eyes lit up 🙂

Pat with a Starry Smooth Hound.

Time for a double hook up as Crevan and Pat strike into another brace of fish a couple of hours off high water.

Pat and Crevan looking pleased with themselves.

Time for a triple hook up, the baits were being attack as soon as they hit the sea bed at this stage, 3 rods arch over as the craic reaches fever pitch.

Triple hook up; Danny, Pat and Barry.

I put the camera down after this Hound was landed as it became a bit ridiculous running around with not a drop of Red Bull on board!

Danny with another Hound.

We stayed until the top of the tide when the bites stopped as the pack had moved through. We used both fresh and frozen crab, which had similar results. Majority of fish were hooked at distance and takes varied from small plucks, slack lines to tripods being pulled over when drags were not set correctly. I have no idea how many we caught in total, as I lost count of the ones I caught after a couple of hours.

Anyway get out there and put those rods under some pressure the Hounds are back in Wexford 🙂





5 responses

13 06 2011

the interceptor o how true is that, good report danny, roll on wednesday, night red bull all the way

13 06 2011
pete smith ireland

Great report Danny but I bet you can’t wait until the “off” like myself, let’s hope we all have a memorable season.


14 06 2011

why don’t you tell us where the marks are wexford is a big place

15 06 2011

Afternoon Jim,

I agree Wexford is a big place, therefore it takes a lot of time and effort to find decent fishing locations not ruined by litter, over fishing etc. Hence I don’t list specific locations online, but I do share information on marks with anglers I know and trust.


17 06 2011

Jim, Part of the fun/experience is actually in finding out good marks… is more rewarding when you happen upon somewhere where you think might hold fish and getting out there and fishing it at different times/stages of tides etc.
It’s too easy when someone takes you by the hand and points to the water for you to fish there….get out there and fish!!
Wexford IS a big place…..but I’ll narrow it down a bit….we fish along the coast!! 🙂

The heavy gear is away now till the codling come in the Winter. Smoothies are great fun but not a patch on an angry bass peeling line off the reel on the light gear!!

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