Drifting the Kilmore Reefs

17 07 2012

We launched the Wahoo twice out of Kilmore Quay since my last update, both in contrasting conditions.

Bottle it and sell it…..

First trip out was over a spring tide, fishing into crystal clear water.  The second trip seen us fishing over a neap tide into murky water. We fished as ever on the drift, fishing light with the Soft Plastics targeting drop offs, plateaus and peaks. Our target Species were Pollock, Wrasse, Ling, Codling and Coalies.

Here is a Sample of  what we caught:

Crevan with a Cod caught on an Illex lure.

Pat with a Cod caught on a Fin S.

Barry with a fine Pollock that fell to Wave Worm OTD.

A Cod on a Storm Sand Eel.

Double Hook up.

Double Hook Up.

Another Double Hook Up.

Crevan With a Kiimore Pollock.

Pats new best friend..

Oh the hat is out lad …..

On the first trip the fishing was patchy, there seemed to be no trend to where or when the fish appeared. We usually have the better fishing on the fall, particularly if high tide is at dawn. The takes seemed plucky and timid compared to the usual smash and grab antics, leading  us to strike into the fish more than usual.

A day would not be complete without a Wrasee.

The lure hits the bottom and ‘BANG’, we were into fish straight away on the second trip, all doubts about the current murky conditions put firmly to the back of the mind.

The fishing was hectic at times, the fish were feeding very aggressively, ripping the SP’s to pieces when they missed the hook.  Slim profiled SP’s preformed particularly well on the Pollock. Wrasee were scarce, although a good number of Cod showed over the bottom of the tide, Ling also made an appearance, with Crevan getting his first one on a SP.

Ling incoming

Ling took a liking to the One Up Shad

Crevan’s Ling

‘A bird never flew on one wing’………no, but with 2 wings it flew straight into my line !!

Houston we have a problem.

Not impressed

It was very placid to be fair

The Heron Gull hit my line at full tilt and managed to wrap the line up around its wing. I got it to the boat and after several minutes we managed to free it, the beak was held as it appeared to have a taste for fingers !:

Here is a few more random pictures from the trips:

Business end – Pollock

Business end – Cod

Business end – Cuckoo

Navy on patrol

Look just above the wheel house, that is a retreating ‘Tornado/water spout’ !! Mental

A selection of some of the Lures I used.

The one that got away. I wont even bother telling the story..I am still raging over it!

In all the two trips were decent, both trips seen a good quantity of species up to decent size. Now if only the Jet Stream would go back to were it supposed to be, we might get some stable weather so we could head out again!

The Big Fish Hat.

Your next one could be your best one.


Kilmore on the Soft Plastics.

22 05 2012

I am a few weeks late on my updates….

May 6th 2012 We took our first excursion out to the Kilmore reefs on board Wahoo. A full Moon ensured we would have a large tide to fish over throughout the course of the day. Conditions were calm with a slight offshore Northerly wind.

The day did not start out great when the handle of the Bilge pump snapped while Pat was replacing the Diaphragm . It was looking bleak but Pat pulled it out of the bag with the aid of some well placed Silicone. We arrived to a busy slip at 09:30am some 5 hours later than planned.

With the boat launched we were under way pushing out against a racing tide, delighted that we made it out eventually. There was plenty of boating activity around the island, the good weather obviously tempting a few of the smaller boats out.

We initiated our first drift and flicked the Soft Plastics up tide. The tide was on the ebb and the drift was running at just over 3 knots, making us work hard to keep the lures in the strike zone. The fast run resulted in heavy loses on the business end with many a lure lost on the peaks and drop offs. 

Wave Worm rigged up and ready for action.

Storm Sandeel rigged up and ready for action.

The fishing was patchy but produced some decent fish when the tide slackened off. We landed Pollock, Wrasse, Coal Fish and Codling.

Olive One Up Shad tempted this Cuckoo Wrasse.

Pat with Pollock taken on a Slug Go.

Crevan with a Kilmore Reef Pollock.

The takes were varied from a small pluck to a full speed hit and run, there was no pattern throughout the day.

Danny with a Pollock taken on a Fin S Lure.

The local bird population were stalking us as usual, and we seen a pod of Dolphins too which I tried to get on video before they were out of sight….

Plenty of competition for food.

Squadron Leader and his mate.

On a mission.

Crevan and Pat both hooked into 2 decent fish at the same time as we drifted over a drop off, among st the chaos of the 2 lines crossing and tangling, we approached a line of pots at pace. The result was Crevan landed his and Pat lost the lure and fish on the Pot rope….he was not a happy camper!

Crevan with his fish and Pat with…that smile is fake!

Barry with a Pollock taken on a Wave Worm.

This plump Wrasse hit my Fin S worked hard on the bottom.

The Business End.

Majority of fish were in the 3-5lb bracket with a few over to 8lb.  A lot of Wrasse in the 2-3lb bracket too. Codling were scare, we only encountered a handful of them during the day. Coal fish were also fairly elusive on the day.

The local KIlmore Seal.

Under water view.

No particular lure or color stood out during the day, the speed of the drift stopped us from settling on one area too long.

We went out again last weekend and it proved to be alot more productive, update to follow soon.

Your next one could be your best one.


On the Reefs in November

30 11 2011

With the curtain closing in on the Bass season and the weather taking a turn for the worse, my mood followed suit. Spring is a long time away ….

A weather window had presented itself and it was decided that Pat was gonna get the Wahoo wet one more time this year, one last throw of the dice for the Soft Plastics over the reefs of Kilmore was on the cards.

Barry, Crevan, Pat and myself were on the slip for first light, boat launched, gear on board and smiles all round as we rounded the West pier and pushed out into the calm morning.

November morning in the South East

Rigging up the Soft Plastics on route to our first location, sure the buzz was only mighty, I was in my element. This was only my second trip on board Wahoo this year… scandalous carry on!!  It then came to light that some members of the Crew brought bait … Sacrebleu !!!  They doubted the pulling ability of SP’s over the reefs this late in the season.  Undeterred Barry and myself would not be turned, we would fly the flag for the lures 🙂

The fishing followed a similar trend that we have come accustomed to over the last few years, excellent fishing early in the morning, which then turns patchy as the day progresses over the neap tide.

As the tide ebbed it created a nice rip over some of the marks which is ideal for some good Pollock on the SP’s

This 8lb+ Pollock took a Lunker City Fin S + 35g Jig Head twitched over a 30ft drop off.

Pat landed this fine Pollock when he switched back to the SP's !

We picked up cod to 5lb over general ground, hitting the SP’s hard and giving a very good account of themselves.

Barry with a nice cod caught on a Hazedong.

Crevans Cod was not caught on Bait !

We picked up 4 Ling on the SP’s, and lost some better ones when they cut through the 25lb leader with their razor sharp teeth. Excellent fight out of these fish on the light gear.

A Storm Sand Eel & a Hazdong ensured this double hook up over a small peak.

Again I encountered a lot of Wrasse while experimenting with different lures, the lads had a good laugh every time I pulled one up…. It became ridiculous at one point, a Wrasse a cast for a duration 🙂

A Specimen Wrasse in November. This Wrasse took a One-Up shad on a 25g Jig Head.

Happy Days.

The fish seemed to be hitting above their weight at this time of year. Some fantastic battles played out over the day with a boat full of smiley heads all round.

Barry battling a morning Pollock.

Pat having success Gilling the SP's.

Meanwhile on the bait rods...

The bait the lads brought along was fresh Sprats averaging around 3 inches long and frozen Mack. These were tried in various ways; on jig heads/feathers/hokkai’s/jigs/flying collar etc and the results were not good. The lads switched back to the SP’s after awhile and got in on the action. They tried the bait at various times through out the day but it was not attracting much attention from any species on the day.

We encountered 6 species in total; Pollock, Cod, Coal Fish, Wrasse, Ling & Poor Cod. Quantity wise I reckon we hit a few hundred ( I didn’t take many pictures – caught up in the buzz!). which brought an end to another season afloat for us. New Years resolution is to get out more on the boat next year!

Another Wrasse.


A Kilmore resident.

Where the rough meets the smooth.

Rear view from Wahoo.

The Killarney heading out to meet one of her colleagues from across the water.

A great sight.

Well that’s another season over from the boat perspective. What fishing we had was of excellent quality and quantity.
Casting up tide of underwater structures and waiting for your lure to hit the zone is something I will miss over the next few months after getting the buzz back from this trip. If you have an opportunity to out in Kilmore late in the season either on a mates boat or a Charter boat I would highly recommend it 🙂

The Lure Boat season comes to an end for us in 2011.

  Your next one could be your best one.