Lack of Updates

8 09 2012

Apologies for the lack of updates. I plan to have some up tomorrow. 




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7 10 2012
Jamie Ryan

HI Danny,
you’re quite right. Very difficult bass fishing this year. Not sure of the reasons but lately water temperatures have dropped quicker that usual. Picking up an odd fish but hard work!
Best wishes Jamie Ryan

21 10 2012
Rory o o Donnell

This tomorrow?

10 12 2012

Is it tomorrow yet?

30 12 2012

Must be some report your constructing lad!!

9 04 2013
Simon Toussifar

Irish weather patterns are all over the place. Very unpredictable weather which in turn effects the fishing.

27 05 2013

Yes, it is a serious Report I am constructing!

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