Wexford Shore Pollock

29 05 2012

We are currently near the mid point of the Bass Ban, and since the 15th of May we have turned our attention to the hard fighting crash diving Pollock. Care must be taken with these fish if you wish to release them. They are quite soft so care is needed when handling and releasing them.

Our Target

Conditions we favor for these great sport fish are; a medium to strong rising tide into darkness, high pressure and a calm to moderate sea.

Tackle is the same as what we use use for targeting Bass, for me that is a Teklon Concept Spin 702L, Twin Power 3000 SFC loaded with 20lb Power Shot and 20lb Flouro Leader.

Lures are similar too, the same soft plastic’s generally work well in close, with metal jigs up to 35g being favored for distance fishing.

Location will consist of deep water within casting distance, with a good kelp population and some sand patches.

Technique will vary from a quick steady retrieve to sink and draw at various depths.

We have been out a few evenings targeting these golden torpedoes with mixed results

The fist evening we connected with a few fish up to 3lb in close on the SP’s,with Crevan and Pat getting the spoils as I left early for work. They fished a 30min window before the fish moved on. The conditions were good with a slight Easterly wind, a small amount of weed soon cleared as the tide pushed in.

This Pollock took a Peaboy jig fished sink and draw at distance.

The following evening we encountered a serious amount of fish a good distance out on the jigs, these were good Pollock up to 5lb hitting and fighting extremely hard. It was great craic trying to keep them from crashing into the kelp on the lure rods.

Pat with a fine Pollock caught on a Peaboy Jig

We made another venture out on Sunday, the tide was nearing the neap and with no wind it made for a pleasant evening.  We tried several locations but the Pollock just did not show, Barry hooked a Billy no mates Mackerel on a Chartreuse Jig but that was all the action we seen. The swell and weed was quite heavy, which accounted for a few lost jigs!

Mackerel caught on a chartreuse Jig at distance

Next on the target list is Wrasse on the lure and Smooth Hound on the bait. Lets hope the weather holds up for the next few months…

End of another week

Your next one could be your best one.




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30 05 2012
Rory O'Donnell

Thanks for the update Danny & Co. I will be down in Kilmore Quay for two weeks in early July with family. Will get a bit of bass guiding courtesy of “you know who”. I think I’m actually going to explode!

30 05 2012
pete smith ireland

Great read as always Dan, since the ban I’ve not fished but decided to give the joints a rest for a month. i have been out and about scoping 1-2 marks for the future.
regards to yourself and the lads

3 06 2012

It is a pleasure to read of a lure angler who enjoys pollack and wrasse as much as I do. I find far too much elitism amongst some lure fishermen who class anything other than bass as ‘potbait’. I am sure that if we could catch five pound mackerel off our shores most of us would fish for very little else!

4 06 2012

Hi Rory,

It wont be long now, the days are flying. Are you fishing sore or Boat in Kimore?


4 06 2012

Hi Pete,

You will be rearing to go come the 16th of June so, there wont be a stretch of coastline say 🙂


4 06 2012

Hi Baitdigger,

Thanks for the comment.

I agree with you 100%. I actually prefer lure fishing for Pollock if the truth be known ( a lot less Bullsh1t attached to it ).


15 07 2012

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17 07 2012

Thanks Andrew.

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