Firing On All Cylinders…

15 04 2012

Since my last post we have been hitting the water at every opportunity with some fantastic results so early in the season.

I had my first few Bass on a Hard Plastic over a week ago and they have been hitting them hard since, for now the Soft Plastics have taken back seat as we push on through April.

Feed Shallow ready for action.

The weather conditions have varied from bright sunshine without any wind, to heavy rain driven by a bitter Northerly wind. Fish have been caught through these varying conditions.

Mixed Bag.

We experienced some of the better fishing over the weaker tides at various tide states, High Water being the least productive. One of the weaker tides produced Barry’s first Lure caught Bass of the year:

Barry with his first lure caught Bass of 2012.

Water clarity has varied from brown & murky to gin clear, we experienced good fishing when we found a happy medium between the two.

Here comes the rain.

Calm, Clear & Rain

Mullet turning, Sea Trout jumping and Sand Eels swimming were some of the sights we encountered.

Sand Eels going about their business.

The Bass we caught were in great condition and ranged from 2lb – 7lb, all were put back to fight another day. Here is a sample of some of the fish:

Crevan with a fine bar of Silver.

Great condition for April.

This Bass hit my lure while it was stopped.

Head into the tide before the release.

Crevan letting one off.

Off ya go.

Lost & Found

I was stood on a rock out crop working my lure slowly over a patch of clean ground to my right when I was hit hard, the fish felt strong as it headed out to sea taking 5 yards of line before turning left taking a further 10 yards of line. ‘This is a good fish’ I shouted to the lads who were fishing 20 yards to my left on another outcrop. The fish had the better of me as I could not get an angle on it with the rod looking like the letter C, the fish approached the two lads and ran over the shallow jagged rocks. I could feel every rock rub against the braid before I felt the ‘PING’ the main line immediately fell back and brushed my cheek. I stood there and vented, cursing my luck and explained to the lads how I lost the lure and the fish.

I reeled in the slack line that was around my feet still venting a few choice words, suddenly the line tightened just below my feet followed by a ‘head shake’ and another run …haaaaa the fish was still on!! I managed to bring her under control and land her as Barry got to me. Pure madness, the fish must have done a bow turn and headed for me at speed after I felt the line catch and release off an obstacle, what a Buzz. That is the strangest fight I had off a fish and here she is:

Danny with 7lb of Silver.

7lb of Silver.

Lures that produced over the past two weeks in no particular order:

Mega Bass X-140

IMA Komomo II

Tackle House Node

TAckle House Feed Shallow

It was great fishing over the past 2 weeks, but as the saying goes – no two days are the same…

An end to another tide.

Your next one could be your best one.





10 responses

15 04 2012

Good read Danny lovely bass, exciting times ahead.

16 04 2012

Well done Danny Boy

16 04 2012
Andrew murphy

good man the Dan top bassing mate things are lookin good for a bumper 2012

16 04 2012
Kevin .

Beautiful fish lads , well done .

16 04 2012

Nice fishing Danny, they are certainly more active and chasing hard lures now, looking forward to a good season.

16 04 2012
michael dalton

happy days danny mick dublin

16 04 2012
Barry Howlin.........

Thats the shot Danny Boy……….

16 04 2012
Tom Hill

GooDd stuff Danny. just wish i could get down that way!

18 04 2012
RockHunter - Frank

Great fishing despite the cold weather.
Interesting about good results on slack tides, poor fishing on spring tides. I found exactly the same thing with bait fishing over the last 6 weeks, I had some excellent sessions on the neap tides, but when I fished the spring tides the results were shockingly poor!!!

19 04 2012

Thanks for the comments lads.

Frank, the slack tides have been good to us so far, we had some good sessions last year on them too. I seen your reports on the Blog, some excellent fishing is right. It will be interesting to see how the next 5 days fish in comparison.

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