It Baits All In March…

12 03 2012

The lads have been running down their gear over the last few weeks in the run up to the early season madness. Lures have been bought/prepared and fired out over various locations and tide states in search of an early Bass on the Wexford coastline, without a hit unfortunately. Sea Trout and some Mullet have resulted in by-catch only, but on the flip side it is only early March.

In light of this a bait session was arranged, I dusted down the bait rods, serviced my reels and hit the lug beds with Pat and Tom after work a fortnight ago. Digging was tough going but we managed enough to keep us plus Barry and Crevan who would be joining us later going for a few hours.

The forecast was for a strengthening Southerly wind on a rising neap tide into the cover of darkness – conditions which fished well on our chosen mark historically.

We arrived on location, got geared up and hiked on, descending the cliff face we were met with the full force of Southerly which would make for an uncomfortable nights fishing echoed by the thundering surf pounding the shallows in the distance.

We set about anchoring tripods and loading lug on the 4/0 pennel pully rigs as the tide pushed in, careful not to birdie the multipliers faced with the gale that was now blowing hard. Lines in the water and it was lights to code red as we waited for our quarry….

Tom let fly with his first cast, but not in the direction he intended..’ I dont know weather that landed in the water or the beach’ says the lad ….. 30 seconds later it was confirmed it had hit the water alright as the rod lurched forward trying to free itself from the confines of the tripod. ‘TOM’… he looks around & quickly and engages the fight… Fish On πŸ™‚

Tom eases to fish in through the tumbling surf with precision and slides the fish onto dry sand, his first Bass of 2012 landed on fresh lug. Happy Days.

Toms first Bass of 2012

Good man Tom

A great condition Bass posses for the camera, it looked to be full of Roe pre-spawn, a few pictures and the Billy was off on its way to plant its seed.

Billy going back in.

Off ya go.

Crevan arrived awhile later armed with fresh crab and set out his stall, only action the rods encountered for the next couple of hours was that of hitting the water due to the wind getting the better of the tripods.

I appeared to be the only one losing hooks at an alarming rate, my snoods were being snipped off by an invisible force…. then I landed an edible crab, which indecently ended up in Pats hood for a good 20mins before he realized followed by him doing a bit of a dance along the beach πŸ™‚ .

The tide was nearing its peak as the conditions worsened, rain was now hitting the flotation suits with the velocity of hail stones. During the arial barrage Crevan gets hit, he waits a bit before the slack line signals a hooked fish heading for the shallows. A short while later Crevan poses with his first Bass of 2012 before it is sent back on its way again.

Crevan's first Bass of 2012

Crevan's Billy makes its way back out.

Conditions soon got the better of us so we called it a night.


5 Anglers

3 hours

2 Hits

2 Bass

1 Month before the madness begins….

Your next one could be your best one.





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14 03 2012

happy days danny mick dublin

15 03 2012

Howya Mick,

Lets hope its the start of the Silver πŸ™‚

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