Back on home soil ….

10 09 2011

After our Kerry trip I had a few days off, so I hit the water and connected with some nice fish around Wexford on the lures. My main target was Wrasse and later some Bass. The New moon was on the Monday and I fished until the Thursday at all hours of the day.

Yes September is here!
Here are some of the fish I encountered:

Avocado & Silver Wrasse.

Wrasee over 5lb, the pic does not do the fish justice..

A crabs worst nightmare..

Senko Wrasse.

Another Wrasse at the start of the rise.

Mission accomplished 5lb Bass on a new mark...

My first Bass in Wexford after the Kerry trip... Happy

Getting ready to head back home.

Another Bass comes ashore.



Another Billy swims off.

I landed a specimen Wrasse shortly after I fought a Specimen Bass to my feet, it was after 10mins of head shaking, long runs and multiple rapid change of direction that I brought her to (nearly) my hand. I grabed the leader but she was to heavy and lying a couple of feet down from me, she gave a hard head shake and straightened the 7g Bachi head….Well I have never been as ………..not, I nearly threw the rod in the water and when I hooked and landed the big Wrasse Il be honest, I didnt give it the time of day I was that distracted at losing the Bass, quick picture and I put it back.

On one of the sessions I arrived ( knowingly) about 2 hours too early and I just sat there watching the tide rise and the fish to filter in, Gannets and Terns patrolling, seals moving through and the odd swallow streaking past myline of vision….. truly a lotto moment, no work to go to, no phones to answer and no problems to fix …someday maybe I can do this at will : )

Pick your fishing platform with caution, where will you land that big fish!?
Middle of the tide fished best for me on the Wrasse.
The Storm Sand Eel still has it..

Up she flew....

Its good to be back.




6 responses

10 09 2011
Jay La Roche

Good angling Danny great pics and fish

11 09 2011

Cheers Jay.

I see you had a nice lump of a Wrasse too. The colors on it looked deadly.

12 09 2011

Hi Danny, great blog and some lovely fish!!
Think I met you and Crevan about a month ago in south wexford???? Was with two other lads and not having much luck! Hoping to head down again soon if the weather picks up. Tight lines

14 09 2011

Morning Graham,

Aye, I rembember, It was a tough week alright. With a bit of luck the weather will improve before we all go bananas !

13 09 2011

Hi Danny. I’m surprised you were able to fish at all according to the forecasts on windguru. Could you let me know via e-mail what the water clarity was like please?

14 09 2011

Morning John,

Those fish were from the first weekend in September John, just before the weather system moved in on us. I havnt been out since, I am thinking about buying a kite !

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