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1 08 2011

After a fantastic few days away from the fishing up at the Galway Race Festival (one day at the races and 5 winners!!!), it was back into it early this morning. The lads were heading out on the boat, but due to time constraints I opted for a solo session on the shore.

The fishing had been slow while we were away and the lads were finding it tough out on the water, so I was a bit hesitant to set the alarm for 4am, but sure if your not in you can’t win …and all that !

Arrived on location, the rain was easing to a light mist, sky was cloudy/dull and it was quite humid….my favorite Bass weather. Sea state was calm, with a gentle swell inter spread with some floating weed.  It was just off high water as I launched my first cast of the x140  to a known Bass holding area.

I flicked over the bail arm and looked out to the target area before beginning the retrieve. The rod arched seawards, fish on. I played the fish in slowly and let it run a few times even though it was not huge to ensure the hook hold. Fish landed and the smile was from ear to ear.

Morning Glory.

With the fish on its way and the cobwebs clear I scanned the water to see some tails and fins showing between 40-60 yards out, I  sent a cast in front of the direction they were travelling. Fish on again after a few turns of the reel, yes I have hit a shoal of feeding Bass said the voice in the  I played the fish in after a short walk down the shore as this Bass meant business and wasn’t interested in being bullied in the slightest.

2nd Cast 2nd Bass

Another fish on its way, a quick scan of the water and I spotted another tail and cast to it. I let the lure sit for a few seconds after impact……Fish on again, I was now starting to sweat due to sheer adrenaline, absolutely brilliant buzz!
I got the fish in and released it quickly as I now wanted to try for a fish off the top, on with the Gun Fish.

Boil, slow it down… Splash, Splash, Cmon on Fish ON !!!
Fish safely a shore for a picture before it shoots off again to harass some more bait fish.

Get Some

The session lasted around 90mins, 8 fish landed; 3 off the top and 5 on sub surface lures. A seal came swimming through the feeding area about 50mins into the session which killed all surface activity. I did not connect with a fish after this event.

Sight fishing – all fish were casted to after I spotted a ‘disturbance’ on the water line (except the first fish)
4 fish on the x 140
3 fish on the Gun Fish
1 fish on the Jackson Athlete
Remember to clear your camera memory card before heading out! (hence lack of pictures)

It is going to be a good week I think.




5 responses

1 08 2011
Frank Flanagan

Ah lad, I may get out with ya soon and show me this lure lark! 😉

5 08 2011

How ya Frank,

Once you start the lure lark there’s no turning back. ADDICTION of the highest order!!

2 08 2011

You’re actually catching farmed bass, go on admit it!! lol

5 08 2011

Ha, the neighbors are starting to complain about some of the escapees ending up in their baths !!

10 08 2011

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