I got smoked …..

21 06 2011

Barry and myself had been out early on this particular morning and fished 3 different marks which were either full of suspended weed or the water was sponsored by Cadbury’s Chocolate ! Anyway we admitted defeat and headed home.

I got a call that evening from Barry asking was I heading back out, I said No because my motivation levels were rock bottom after seeing the state of the sea that morning…. Anyway to cut a long story short, I got that ‘feeling/urge/voice my head’ telling me to go!! As past angling experiences have thought me, always go with your gut feeling. I rang Barry back and it was game on again.

On location Barry and my self fished hard, the swell was after increasing and so was the amount of suspended weed, making things very difficult for us! We moved around and tried different lures retrieves etc, but couldn’t escape the weed. Craven joined us after an hour or so and was not too impressed by the conditions or his leaky waders! We fished on…

When the fishing is slow, I generally enter silly mode, lashing out jokes and generally taking the micky out of everything and anything, isn’t that right Crevan ( He loves my Jokes 🙂 ).

SPLASH, the water surface erupts just in front of Barry as a Billy hits his Patchinko, the mood changes, if there is one there is more 😉 Barry plays the fish in, the Buzz is on!!

Barry on the Patchinko.

Barry's first Bass of the session.

The action kicked off soon after as I landed two Bass in quick succession on a soft plastic. I didn’t bother taking pictures of them.

Barry was fishing 30 yards to my left and Crevan was standing beside me, about 50 yards in front of me the tide was really ripping over a submerged reef as I bounced back my SP. My plastic becomes stuck on the drop, I flick the rod forward and back trying to free it as I release some choice words….no thats a fecking big fish!


Line peels off the spools as Barry stares at me..’Is that a fish!!!!‘ ‘Yep’  as I adjust the drag. The fish swims aggressively down to my left past Barry parallel with the shore and picking up speed. I raise the rod over my head, trying to raise the fishes head in order to turn it towards me…it seemed to work. I get about 10 turns on the handle and the fish takes off again in the same direction this time gaining speed with ease as I struggle to follow with waves crashing over me.

I am nearing the end of the spool, I can see metal, the drag is locked down and I am thumbing the spool as I reach the knot, the fish stops and head shakes with venom as I keep the pressure on while trying to regain some line, the lads are fixed on my rod as it is shaking under the pressure…the hook pulls out after around 3 min battle…..  gutted.com !

It was definitely a big Bass.
It was not a seal, I have hooked played and landed one before on an uptider after a 45 minute battle, it would have emptied the 3000 reel in seconds with the jip I was giving it!
It wasn’t a foul Hooked fish, I was using a small 10g Hart Jig Head with a small gape, plus I could feel the fish head shaking trying to free itself as I applied pressure!
It wasn’t a Big Pollock, Never had one here, or heard of one here before.

Next time I will have a Full spool of braid Billy 🙂

As the light faded I switched over to a bigger profile SP, and hooked another decent fish, the first run was similar to the fish I lost and had the drag screaming ( to the sound of the lads laughing..’Do you have enough braid Danny!), I stopped and turned the fish on the second run and played it in after a few minutes….A Big Girl.

Happy Days.

Smile !

Easy Does It..

Ready To GO Back.

Release Time.

Off she went no worse for her visit. Thats what its all about ! We landed another 11 fish all of good stamp before we called it quits.

The spool has now been filled with new braid, oh she will be landed 😉





2 responses

22 06 2011
pete smith ireland

Excellent stuff, maybe fish the same spot again after a tide or two and with luck she maybe still hanging about. the big girl you landed has a deep body any idea of weight?

11 07 2011

Sorry Pete I forgot to reply to you!

She was just under 9 Pete. Nice big belly on her 🙂

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