As the clock struck midnight ….

20 06 2011

The Irish Bass Ban was lifted as we entered the 16th of June.

Barry, Mark and myself arrived on location just after midnight, with fresh conditions and a relatively calm sea state we set about getting back to business.

Action Stations.

A bright full moon greeted us which made negotiating the rock and weed that bit easier as we edged towards our starting point. The excitement/buzz was off the scale before we hit the water at 1 am, but now everything was quite, no lights no talking, an unspoken understanding that you only experience around people you have fished with for many many hours!!  A very quite 40 minutes pass before the first rod is arched over, and the almost inaudible ‘yes’ breaks the silence…Mark is in!

Mark plays the fish in after some good powerful runs, the result was a fine fish ready for a quick picture.

Mark with his first post Ban Bass.

This particular fish was kept for the table as it would not go back, interestingly this is the first fish our group couldn’t get to swim back this year.

I hooked up next with a Sand Smelt who’s eyes were obviously too bit for its belly!  We fished on…

A short while later Barry Hooks into a small Bass which was very lively indeed, during the course of the fight (bare in mind we are in total darkness and up to our chest in water) Barry lets a shout at the fish ‘Will ya get away from me will ya!‘ one of the best lines I have ever heard when playing a fish! The fish was trying to swim between Barry’s legs before it unhooked itself.

Again the fishing went quiet as the wind slackened off, which was nice to a degree, BANG rod arches over ….line peeling off the Twin Power ‘YES’ and this baby gave me a fair scrap  and even tried to go down past Mark! I landed the fish and held it for a picture before its release.

Danny with his first post Ban Bass.


Off she goes.

Soon after, Barry was battling a better fish this time as he struggled to tame the Billy who was intent on heading to France! Fish landed and time for a quick picture.

Barry with a fine Bass.

The fishing went quiet again for about 30 mins, I seen a Sea Trout jump multiple times in a row. It looked like it was being chased, I let a shout at Barry and we both fired our lures out into the general direction of the Trout. Two turns of the handle and I was into a fish followed by Barry. A nice double hook up to end the session.

Double Hook Up.

All too quick it was time to head off to work, not before we woke up the lad !

He should have had that Red Bull afterall.

We seen an abundance of wildlife on this session, Otters, Seals, a Dolphin/Porpoise, and an array of various sea birds. A lot of action on and off the water!

Good Morning.

Successful Lures on this session:
Tackle House Contact Node.
MegaBass x140.
MegaBass Xlayer.

Here’s to a successful season!





9 responses

20 06 2011
pete smith ireland

Yet another excellent report of yourself and the lads and a busy session as well.

20 06 2011

How are you keeping Pete.

Its good to get back into the swing of things!


21 06 2011

danny ya fecker a sure at least i wasent snoring ha ha savage report lad, ill be on the red bull the next time

21 06 2011
RockHunter - Frank

Great report and great fishing. At least now I know I am not the only madman that started fishing at midnight, had an all night session and then went directly to work,

21 06 2011

Frank its all gone DARK !!!

You are not alone mate.
Its a method that really gets you focused on whats happening around you., I love it


21 06 2011

Nice one Danny, Great report mate

11 07 2011

Cheers Fin.

21 06 2011

great report danny you got to love it;-)

11 07 2011

Oh ya gotta love it is right ! Shur what else would ya be at.

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