Hard fishing.

7 05 2011

Conditions have not been ideal lately to say the least, with Easterly’s and South Easterly’s mixing up the coastline and throwing suspended weed everywhere.

Regardless of conditions a mans gotta fish ! We have been encountering steady fishing through out these tough conditions with a little bit of searching.

We managed a quick session mid week. The wind was howling and the rain came down in heavy downpours. The sea was very rough although still quite clear there was a lot of suspended weed but we fished on.

May weather

I got the first take a couple of hours into the session, a slight pluck led to a fish taken my lure less than a rod length out. Cue the drag screaming as the fish powered towards the sea, this fish had good a bit of energy! The first run came to an end as the fish surfaced around 40 yards out and cue the head thrashing and splashing. With the fish turned I eased it a shore, it was a good fish too, unhooked then couple of pictures, followed by a few moments in a rock pool to gather itself and it was back to the sea for the Billy.

Danny May Bass

May Bass Rock Pool

(I was messing around with the camera settings for the last picture)

As the rain and crashing waves gave us a proper soaking, Pat landed a schoolie, hooked in font of a breaking wave which surfed the fish in for him. I followed up with another schoolie before we called it quits for the evening.

The Bass Ban is fast approaching so I have booked a couple days off work next week to get a bit of fishing in before it is upon us, hopefully the weather settles a bit.





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7 05 2011

What are you going to do with yourself for that long thirty days Danny?

7 05 2011

Probably Crack Up Neil !

I will try keep busy with the Smooth Hounds on the bait.

7 05 2011

Why stop fishing for bass, you catch and release anyway.

10 05 2011

Evening Billy.

I leave em alone to let em get on with their spawning, even though they have been spawning for a while now but sure thats the current legislation.

Looking forward to hitting a few Wrasse and Pollock on the lures over the next month all the same. Good craic.


9 05 2011
RockHunter - Frank

Well done on getting a few bass in these conditions. I have been out five times in the last week and just caught one small codling, although most of those sessions were cut short due to the weed/wind.

10 05 2011

How ya Frank.

Aye its tough enough going, I haven’t been out since though, the sea is a right mess around here at the moment.

I might have to dust off the bait rods before the ban to calm the itch!


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