A Bass perspective

21 04 2011

Finally got the new camera at the beginning of April.
It is a Fuji Film XP30, its full of gadgets etc but the main reason I bought it was for its under water function.

I prefer the underwater pictures to the hold and grin shots, so I will be mainly using these in the future where possible.

Here is a sample of some shots of Bass from all around the Wexford Coast since the beginning of April:

Little Sandeels

Cool little Fellas. They didn't mind the camera.

Billy waiting to go back.

What Lies Beneath.

Another Billy ready to swim off.

Flank Of Steal.

Here is a sample video I took:

Watch the Bass pause for a second as it looks at the camera and then swims off,  BRILLIANT BUZZ !!!!!





One response

21 04 2011
Declan Halpin

Brilliant stuff Danny, that bass pausing to look at the camera before it’s off, deadly!

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