Kilmore kicks the boat season off with a double.

13 04 2011

Alarm sounds off at 0430am, no snooze button this morning as I readied the gear for collection. Waiting in the drive for Barry the street was alive with birds singing to each other, there wasn’t a puff of wind and it was quite warm for the time of the morning, yeah it was going to be a good day.

Fantastic Morning In Wexford.

With the boat already moored up from Friday, it was straight down to business, load her up and point her seawards, drive her on Darcy was the shout as the buzz built with the banter being fired around the boat as the sun made its appearance.

Heading For The Reef.

Crevan joined Pat, Barry and myself for the first time afloat. It ws interesting to see he had brought 2 rods with him; it was a good job he did as we were heading to the tackle grave yard. The Kilmore reefs will reduce any tackle tarts lure box to reserve levels within hours! 🙂

The sea was like a mill pond as we initiated our first drift, neap tides and lack of wind resulted in a slow drift which in turn affected the way fish reacted to our soft plastic offerings. A fast drift is preferred for our style of fishing, cast up tide and work the lure into the target area and the take is usually very aggressive. But on Sunday we had to adapt to the fish as they just plucked at the lures resulting in a lot of missed strikes and some colorful language!

On Arrival At Pollock City.

The challenge was undertaken and we adapted, hitting fish after fish for a brief periods before the fish either moved on or lost interest, this was to be the order of the day so we moved around quite a bit trying various locations and lures.

Pollock was our main target for the day, a true sport fish on the light gear over the reefs of Kilmore, this hard hitting and crash diving fish will make any angler shout with excitement when their offering gets smashed.
The Pollock proved to be scarce on the reef in our usual locations compared to last year, granted it is early in the year and the tide was not in our favor. Anyway we still had quality fishing when we did hit them.

A Resident Of Pollock City.

Pat hooked into; in his own words a ‘DONKEY’ and after a good row with some decent runs,a fine Pollock was boated and weighed in at 9.7lbs !. A cracking fish indeed.

Pat 9lb Pollock 2011

Barry’s rod looked under pressure as I glanced over when I heard the drag going, ‘That looks like a good fish’ as I lean over for a look and a picture.

The Battle Of Pollock City.

Line been taken at pace by a substantial fish, a tug of war ensues with Barry the victor. BOOM the scales swing over the 10lb mark! Happy Days as Barry’s first double figure Pollock poses for a few pictures. Well done my son 🙂

Barry 10lb Pollock 2011

When 2 becomes 1

Indeed it was a curious sight seeing Crevan with 2 rods as he came aboard Wahoo, ah sure this lad must mean business!
Anyway he geared up the Speed Master and fished away for a bit, until he had a Captain Ahab moment, rod bent to the butt as he lifted in and then BANG as the carbon expires!
His 2 piece rod became a 3 piece rod, but he sucked it up like a true Billy Bandit and geared up the Teklon, no fear there!

BANG And The Speed Master Is Gone.

Codling, a rare fish for us last year to be fair. But on Sunday we had arguably more Codling than Pollock which is a good sign depending on what side of the coin you are looking at. Some lovely fish were landed, which gave great account for themselves over the course of the day.

Barry With A Fresh Codling.

Wrasse, the Irish Tropical fish 🙂 , fantastic colors and Lure smashers! These babies last year proved elusive to say the least. We targeted specific marks in 2010 for a small return. Now fast forward to April 2011, lads if I caught 1 Wrasse I caught 50! , all laughing and joking aside, I went on a run of around 30 Wrasse in a row, sure I havnt seen the likes of that since the time of JFK !

Wrasse Coming Up.

Tropics Maybe?

Danny Colorfull Wrasse.

Another Wrasse.

Crevan With A Disco Wrasse, Very Cool.

Ling, we had a good few of these at the base of some very steep pinnacles, nothing huge but they are always a welcome sight on a soft plastic in my book.

Pouting, only one was boated on Sunday, but again it was another welcome species on the softies.

Apologies for the lack of pictures for the different species! Some crew members need some training in the art of  not putting your finger in front of the lense  while taking a picture styleeee!

Ha Ha , the lads will do it alright 🙂

Tackle used:
Rods: varying from 15g to 60g
Reel Size: 4000 & 3000
Line: 20lb Braid
Lures:All sorts of Soft plastics with varying colors.

Must train other crew members in how to use a camera 🙂

And remember your next one could be your best one!.

Smiles All Round, You Cant Buy That.





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14 04 2011

howz it Danny, some cracking headwear in those photos! Some very nice pollack for your fist bait session, they put up a great scrap from the shore on the softies are they as good from the boat?
I have never had a wrasse on a lure, what would you recommend as a good colour or type to get one on? I haven’t done any serious luring for silvers for a couple of years and now it doesn’t look like I will be doing any this year but the pollack and wrasse don’t need a lot of walking to find.
Good to see you have started to post again, always a good read when we are fish-less over this side


21 04 2011

Its a fine hat Neil, there is a ton weight in it though…its the real deal !

Aye, they give a good fight from the boat, they have move scope to run so its good sport.
Color didn’t seem to matter much when we were out on the last trip. Natural sand eel colors along with blacks and dark greens worked well. Last year chartreuse shads worked very well mid summer, well worth a try when fished very slowly.


14 04 2011
RockHunter - Frank

Great report Danny, some fine fish there.

21 04 2011

Thanks Frank, there was a couple of decent ones in there alright.

14 04 2011

Excellent report and photos Danny and crew, well done everyone as John Spillane is fond of saying when the cherry trees are in bloom!

21 04 2011

How are you keeping Sir ?

Thats a great oul saying!

15 04 2011

Some cracking good fish there! cant wait to get out on a boat after reading that 😉 … S…

21 04 2011

Cheers Steve, I cant wait myself!. Some good weather forecast for the bank holiday so fingers crossed.

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