Sunday Silver 03 April 2011

4 04 2011

A mark that is only accessible on a spring low was my hunch for an early Bass in the South East yesterday.

It all started during a conversation with Crevan last week, the chat was firing and I was still in my self imposed fishing exile not giving into the lads fishing offers about heading out (I was due to start back in the last spring of April) …… until a little light bulb went off in the old grey matter amongst the banter. Hunch/prediction/logic/experience/luck  …call it what you will it doesn’t really mater, when the sixth sense presents itself in fishing just go with it. A specific mark that fishes over a 2 hour window and it might just hold the key to unlock the South East Silver….

One obstacle lay in the way, I forgot it was mothers day!,  it didn’t dawn on me until the Friday so that was that. I informed the lads I wouldn’t make it fishing the week end.
Well to cut a long story short, I managed to get the Visa stamped for a Bass Sortie. Happy Days.

On location, what a day,a confused sea and a right mixed bag of weather presented itself to us, sun, rain, wind gusting and swirling clearing all the winter cobwebs.

Changing weather system.

Unfortunately Barry and Pat couldn’t make it so my self and Crevan flew the flag and let fly with a couple of imitation minnows while we waited for our opportunity to attack our chosen spot. While we patiently waited, Crevan spotted a Swallow ! but he was too fast for a picture.

One Swallow doesn’t make a Summer right?
Our window opened, both of us armed our-selfs with imitation Sandeels, and so it began..
A couple of casts in I get hit on the drop, the tail took the impact and there was no hook up.

The Buzz was on, ‘Yes’ Crevan is smiling as his rod is arched into a Bass, as I make my way over, he plays it calmly into shore and we see a very fresh looking Bass looking back at us. Quick picture and the Bass is back on his way.

Crevan April Bass.

Excitement…yep I tend to get a tad bit excited when the Billy’s show regardless who is catching them, I was talking to the Bass at one stage, I think Crevan thought I had lost it 🙂

Bump Bump Bang… My lure was taken very timidly by a Bass as it flicked it along the bottom, I struck and it was fish on. A spirited fight by a fine Billy ensued and was followed to my feet by a much larger Bass who was probably curious of the commotion. My fish was landed but I was still in Awe of the other fish that followed it. Quick picture and back it went.

Danny April Bass

On the Drop… another timid take, I strike and I have another fish on, this fish has a bit more energy, I have to adjust my position to compensate. Another well conditioned fish comes ashore. Yes its all good. Another quick picture and the fish is back on its way again.

Danny excellent condition April Bass.

Bump Bump Bang…Again I hook up to an initial take hard on the bottom, this particular fish was really full of beans as he thrashed about on the way in. Again a fantastic condition fish joins us for a brief moment. Again a quick pic and its back on its way again.

Up close with an April Billy.

Crevan and I missed a few more hits during our window, but thats fishing for you and thats what makes us all come back…the what ifs and the maybes I suppose!

Tackle used:
Rods: Crevan 10g – 40g Danny 7g-25g
Reel Size:Crevan 4000 Danny 3000
Line:Both 20lb Braid
Lures:Both Minnow and Sandeel imitations

We both agreed that the initial takes from the fish were extremely timid.

All fish swam back strong. Here is some pictures of the fish going back:

April Bass Broad Back.

April Bass Swimming Off.

On the release.

My Exile is over!.





11 responses

4 04 2011

Good man Danny

Great read as always.

Nice pics too 😉

4 04 2011
Declan Halpin

Nice one Danny , great read and photos as usual, the buzz is back!

14 04 2011

It sure is Declan !

5 04 2011
RockHunter - Frank

Great fishing Danny, and an excellent report.

14 04 2011

Cheers Frank.

5 04 2011

Well done lads. Very jelous sitting here in Newcastle.

14 04 2011

Morning Pete,

Sure your only accross the water mate, are you getting any fishing in lately?

5 04 2011
pete smith ireland

Great read there and good pics, nice to see them being returned.

14 04 2011

Cheers Pete, they always go back. Its the only way 🙂

7 04 2011
Jay La Roche

well done danny , nice fish and a great report

14 04 2011

Cheers Jay.

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