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21 06 2010

Taking Pollock off the top in the middle of the night, what a buzz!

Soft Plastics tempting jumbo Mackeral.

An just when you think your making progress and starting to suss the whole thing out,……you blank !

Ive come to the conclusion that il never have it sussed out 🙂 But it dosent matter im having right criac just being out on the water.

You gotta love it !





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22 06 2010

Nice one Danny,, was just talking to a friend about taking pollock on the surface the other day when we were fishing on the IOM I decided to test out some of my surface lures before heading home and we thought there wouldnt be a chance of getting one on the surface thinking they would be hiding down in the kelp….well theres that proven wrong!

With regards getting it sussed out….wel keep at it, as you say having the craic trying but I dont think we will have much success 🙂

Have you have much luck on the surface at night for bass,, something Im going to give a go when I get back next week….never mind how much fun it is in the day think of it in complete darkness,, epic!!!

23 06 2010
RockHunter - Frank

Last September when fishing an East Cork bass mark almost every evening I was there the pollock would move in close to the shore near dusk and take my surface lures. After dark they would still be snatching at the lures although missing more often than not.
Once the pollock came on the feed I had to give up on trying for a bass on the surface lures – after dark on a single cast there could be 5 or 6 attempted pollock bites before I would hook one – at dusk they usually grabbed it on the first lunge.

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