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24 05 2010

Sunday 23rd May we set off at 6am for a 12 hour session out of Kilmore armed with light lure rods and an arsenal of soft plastics.

Conditions were as calm as we have ever witnessed in Kilmore with a clear sky, the sea was like a mill pond for as far as the eye could see and not a breath of wind.

Nevertheless the life jackets were put on before we boarded the boat at the slip and they remained on until we returned to the slip.

We steamed out taking in the sights, puffins struggling to take off across the surface of the water with their little wings, gannets making the odd ariel dive for the early breakfast, and a couple of pot boats working hard off the back of the islands…. If only I could be out here every morning.

On location, check the sounder, line up drift, engine off, out with the soft plastics and que an hour of frantic action… Casting up tide and trotting the lures over the broken ground, we were smashed every drop by hungry Pollock, the smallest fish no less than 4lb. Some Epic battles ensued on the light rods in 80-100ft of water.

If Carlsberg did mornings…this would be it ! 🙂

Triple hook ups to beat the band, trying to avoid crossed lines as drag washers were lit up while rods were bent double, these Pollock were fighting very hard and we were loving every minute of it.

As the morning wore on the fishing eased off which allowed us to give the arms a welcomed rest, and apply the emulsion ( Factor 50) as the sun was starting to cook us nicely 🙂 A few more boats appeared on the horizon while we decided where to fish next…. Pollock City was the Call from Pat…we steamed on.

Air Tempreture was rising steadly while the water temp was showing 10.5 degrees a few miles from land. A change of tactic was required here with larger jig heads to match the 12 inch soft plastics…there is big fish down there !!
Barry is first down to the sea bed…bang…line peels off the little reel as slab of a Pollock makes his way for cover, haha great stuff as a tug of war plays out over the next few miutes, Barry comes out on top as I guide the net under the fish a fine healty fish at that, it is brought aboard for a picture…..a discussion is started as Pat and myself connect with the fishes twin brothers!!….will today be the day we land a double???

‘Its a DONKEY’ was the shout from Pat as the tip of the rod gets pulled down into the water by healthy fish, a few moments later the fish was gone….Pat said a few words at that point.. We will get him next time Pat 🙂 !! eeeeee hhaaaa

Some cracking fish were landed, and we decided to move to target other species, Wrasse was next on our list, again change in tactics and colours as we made our first drift, my rod arched over as I got the unmistakable take of an angry Wrasse, these babys can rough you up pretty quickly if they catch you un awares..not this time though as the fish tired after a couple of surging dives..a fine fish with some lovely colours on it.

It all kicked off then with Barry and Pat connecting while I brought my fish to the boat, great sport to test the tackle, we stayed on them for about 30mins before we moved of in search of some new marks.

The after noon was spent trying out new marks and techniques, I trig out a tiny little soft plastic and got a Female Cuckoo Wrasse first drop..happy days 🙂

Pats lure on the left , mine on the right:

A few Codling showed but nothing major, we encounter a large shoal of Coal Fish too, which were more than happy to hit the lures..
I had a nice fish on late in the afternoon for a few minutes, rod was bending to the butt at times but the swivel opened on me ! aaaargh.

We had a lot of soft plastic casualties too..they served us well while thay lasted.

It was a fantastic day, plenty of fish, sore arms and happy heads.

You Gotta Love it.





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24 05 2010

Now that looks and sounds like a cracking day had by all.

Some lovely fish there lads well done.

I have to say I burst out laughing and am still laughing after seeing the hat that Pat was sporting for the day…too funny. 3 Amigos springs immediately to mind!!!

Lookin forward to teaming up with ye again soon.


24 05 2010

Hehe great report Danny, ye had some monsters there! As a matter of interest how do you choose / differentiate a wrasse mark from a pollock mark, or is it more a change of tackle to target the wrasse?

25 05 2010

How are things,

We find rough ground that doesnt have the big peaks and troughs you associate with Pollock tends to hold more Wrasse.
Lures with Paddle tails in a light colour fished very slowly with only slight movements seems to do the trick.


25 05 2010


Ah great day out Crevan, some craic with that hat ! Pat kept hitting it off eveything including my head !!

Mullet is next on the Cards.


25 05 2010

Some cracking fish there Danny, glad to see you are having the same weather as us, no wrasse showing from the shore here yet but we have had some great pollack action on jellies with the wildeyes and firetails being most productive.


1 06 2010

Morning Neil,

Late reply , my router has died on me so I havnt had access to the net !
Weather has changed down here now, more like winter, heavy rain and cold.
Ah well the summer was nice while it lasted 🙂


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