Every cloud has a silver lining…

19 05 2010

With the Bass ban underway again for another year, (cant believe its mid May already!) the lure rods are put away for a deserved months rest along with my back 🙂 .

While not being able to target Bass can be  somewhat frustrating at times during the month: 15th May – 15June, all is not lost though. It does allow me to turn my attention to Smooth Hounds,  and I love my Hound fishing !!

Time to make up the Pennel Pulley traces, check/replace mainline & shock leader, stock up on elastic thread, oil the 7ht Turbos and prepare to hang on !!





2 responses

22 05 2010

Well Danny?
How are you surviving without the Bass fix?

I’ll be down next Friday for a go at these Smoothies that you have been telling such great reports about!! I hope you are around for a guiding session! 🙂


24 05 2010


The Wrasse and Polock are keeping me company during this tough time !
Friday sounds good, tide is a bit early but sure wel give it a lash anyway.


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