Still Havn’t Found What Im Looking For….

3 05 2010

Well after Thursday evening’s excitement still fresh in the air Barry and myself went back to the same location to give it another lash for the last hour of daylight.

On arrival it was clear that the conditions had changed, water was now very clear and the swell was quite small with no wind. We geared up an off we hiked, as we rounded the last bend there was young Patrick and Tom already flicking lures out in the general direction of where the fish were located the previous evening.

‘Any action men?’ ,,,’Not a tap’ says Pat as he sits down on a rock for a break, not one’s for wasting fishing time, Barry launches out his lure to the left of the feature and I follow suit to the right of it. The sun was making a late appearance and was lighting up the sea in the shallows, aqua marine interspread with dark patches of rock and weed beds kept the eyes and imagination entertained…

No action registered after 20 minutes or so until a few Sea Trout arrived on the scene and done their ariel acrobatic routines, one such Trout was so close to Pat that he could tell it was’nt a Trout ! He flicked his Xlayer no more than 10 yards from his feet where the fish landed, a couple of quick flicks and BANG fish on ! Que laughter and ‘Yes Boy’ Pat played the fish. There was no fight off the fish as he was so close to Pat, but that still didnt stop Pat’s smile ! I clambered over for the usual photo and the fish was released back and off he shot.

The concentration levels were turned up a notch now, not a word spoken, eyes scanning the water as we worked the lures, eyeballing sea gulls as they patroled by….

The concentration was then broken, not by a fish but by quite a large wave that decided to make an appearance while I had my hands full. Picture this: Im standing on a rock say 3 feet in height that is sloping towards the sea, through my left arm I have my rod balancing, my left hand is holding open lure box, in my right hand im preparing the clip for the next lure….I look up to a wall of white water, pressure onto the back foot and enjoy the taste of salt 🙂 I called out ‘Anyone got any shampoo?’….I was soaked to the skin.. could feel the water running down my chest and legs…gotta love it.

Cliped on a TM Flyer after my shower and fired her out, second turn of the handle I got hit, slack line then nothing, I reeled in and fired it out again to the same spot, got hit again this time about 10 turns into the retreive, slack then nothing. That was my action for the evening, nothing after that.

The lads were further down and were having similar hits but failing to hook up also, Barry brought a large scale in on one of the trebles from a missed fish, would have liked to have seen that fish landed !

That was it, we called it quits after an hour….and I went in search of a dry cleaners.





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