10 April 2010

10 04 2010

Dawn session, Neap tide, falling:

09 April 2010

9 04 2010

The evenings are getting longer so we had a midweek ramble:

A couple of shots around a rocky lagoon we found, should give some excellent top water sport late summer:

09 April 2010

9 04 2010

Have been away from the computer for a while.

Fish have been showing to bait in the 2lb – 4lb bracket in some localised areas.

Water is starting to clear after the small bit of a blow we had, this nice bit of settled weather should bring the whole thing on with the temps set to rise.

Heading out a dawn tomorrow for an ivestigation, and I will be on the water from dawn untill dusk on Sunday.

Hopefully I will have something to report.