21 April 2010

21 04 2010

Barry and myself went out for a couple of hours to throw a abit of bait to tempt the Silver Bars that were avoiding our lures…

We done a quick stop enroute to dig a bit of Lug to go with a few frozen crab we had.

Arrived on location, geared up and set off to our mark. Conditions were what you expect from the recent settled weather, calm sea with no swell or surf, no breeze and the water was qite clear and warm ! 🙂

Set up and the chosen gear for the evening for the both of us was a Tip Tornado LD matched with a 7ht loaded with 15lb/70lb Daiwa Tournament. At the business end we used a 4/o Pennel Pulley with 5oz Breakaway lead.

First cast and I was into a Bass, followed by 2 more in quick sucession, it was obvious the fish were feeding in the area with the rod tips lurching seaward at will. Missed bites, slack lines and talks of driving to Norway to fish if the planes are still grounded in August ! added to the excitment, while we hauled in the fish between photos.

In all we caught 11 Bass ( all schoolies) 1 Codling and 1 L.S.D.
All fish were caught on Lug at around 40 yards distance bar 1 Bass and 1 L.S.D. which took Barry’s frozen crab offering.
All fish were released and swam away well.

A pleasant evening to be out to dust off the bait rods.

Im still going Lure fishing the week end though !!!




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21 04 2010
Security Man

Jaysus Danny, bit scarce with the photos there!! Lol
Yer camera was flashin all night!!

21 04 2010

That was a Strobe Light I had on Frank ..


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