10 April 2010

10 04 2010

Dawn session, Neap tide, falling:




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10 04 2010
Andrew Murphy

Hows it going danny how did yous get on this morning,meself and a mate were on a few spots down your way this morning too, looks like the same place as yous we got started about 8am. no takes for the day looked perfect had a few follows right to the rod tip but they just wouldn hit it!!

11 04 2010

Well Andrew, how are things.

Yeah we were out for a few hours, home in time for breakfast 🙂 .
No we didnt see any sign of fish Saturday morning unfortunately.
Getting follows .. I wouldnt mind a few at the moment ! Still quite enough around.


12 04 2010
RockHunter - Frank

Great photos, so that’s what dawn looks like!!!

13 04 2010

Aye tis a fine view in the morning Frank 🙂

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