21 March 2010

22 03 2010

Only had a chance to fish Sunday morning, so it was out on the lures at 05:30am Barry and myself.
First mark we got got to was fairly wild, a large southerly swell rolled in backed by a freshing south westerly wind. It was clearly unfishable but we gave it a lash anyway…

We moved to various locations to check out the water conditions, we managed to fish for a short while in between the downpours and the hiking to explore some new locations. Pat joined us later in the morning but unfotunately we didnt encounter any sign of fish activity, although it was nice to get out though, we called it a day at 1pm. Pity we could not get out on the bait saturday night…

A few more pictures from Sunday morning:

Weather is looking very unsettled for the coming week, I think the bait rods will have to be taken out for session or two 🙂