06 March 2010

6 03 2010

At last an update 🙂

We paid a visit to Hooked Live up in the City West on its final day. First time we attened a fishing show, lots of gear on display and the guest speakers were interesting. Watching the Fly guys on the lake was very interesting, an art in itself… on the ‘to do list for the future’ .Will dfenitly be attending the next time it is on. Well worth a look if you have never been before.

We did a spot of bait fishing last night, plenty of Bass, Codling, Coalies, Pollock, Rockling and a lone Dab. Lovely night to be out, clear sky, flat calm sea and not a puff of wind showing – 1.5 on the temp. A good session with a steady stream of fish hitting the 3/0 pennel pulleys loaded with fresh lug. Even though we were kept busy it just wasnt holding our interest as all we could talk about was hitting the lures Sunday morning !!!

So were heading out at 6am tomorrow morning, cant wait 🙂 🙂 🙂
Some new hard and soft plastics arrived during the week and I cant wait to give them a lash tomorrow morning…
Will tomorrow be the morning we get our first Bass on the Lures….. ???

Interesting: one of the smaller Bass we caught last night had a bite mark in it, seen this several times last year too. The little Billy went back strong all the same.

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6 03 2010

Some cracking lures there Danny,you will be like a kid in a sweetshop tomorrow. Those wildeyes are deadly for the pollack over here. What do you think caused the bitemarks? Did you source those lures here or import them?

8 03 2010


Hard Plastics:
I got four of them in local tackle shops here in Wexford Town, four more from a tackle shop in Dublin and two of them from a Japanese online shop.

Soft Plastics:
I got 6 of them in local tackle shops here in Wexford Town and the the rest from a Japanese online shop.

I had good craic testing them all out yesterday 🙂 a good selection I have now to cover different water conditions, surface, floating, sinking, suspending etc.

I love the wildeyes, my favourite soft plastic ! it absolutely hammered Pollock for me last year…and cheap as chips too.


8 03 2010

As for those bite marks…. I would like to think it was a hungry Silver Bar looking for an easy meal 🙂

But then again who knows whats out there.


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