29th January 2010

30 01 2010

A lovely fresh morning to be out on the lures…..

But unfortunately I have not got time to head out this weekend, so we decided to squeeze a few hours in on the bait last night.

It was a spur of the moment trip so Pat Barry and I were armed only with frozen bait. A beautiful clear night with the bright full moon lighting up the flat calm sea.

6/O Pennel Pulleys loaded with Razor and Black Lug was the order of the night, first cast I noticed a slight knock on Barry’s rod which resulted in a small Bass hooked in the bottom lip. Quick picture and he was released and off he swam happy as Larry. That was the only action for the rest of the session, we were kept occupied investigating the erosion caused by the winter storms, exposing large rocks and gulley’s.
The last cast which I had out at distance resulted in a Codling which engulfed the huge bait with ease!

A short session with little action but was nice to be out all the same, getting close to the second month of the year now.
The fishing should start to slowly impove with a bit of luck 🙂 .





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30 01 2010

them baits look tiny is it whiting yer after (:

30 01 2010

Seanie how are ya !

Yeah…lol, … I should put the caption on it :
‘Whiting need not apply !’


1 02 2010
RockHunter - Frank

Well done on the first bass of the Year.
Might have a go for one myself this week – catching 30 cm codling is not quite the same.

2 02 2010

Get out there Frank and give it a lash.

If your not in ya cant catch !


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