Sunday 24th January

25 01 2010

Barry and I set out at first light to see if we could tempt our first Lure caught Bass of 2010. We arrived at our first location with the temperature reading – 2.5 and dense fog reducing visibility down to about to about 20 yards. A small to moderate swell was rolling in at 12 second intervals from the South West, water clarity had improved from a brown tint to a milky tint with small pieces of weed still showing through out the water depth, unfortunately visibility under water appeared to less than a foot.

With the slcack tide adding to the factors we carried on regardless for 6 hours covering some 80 km over varied terrain in search of some water clarity. At each location we gave the plugs and soft plastics a run just in case the lateral lines of the Bass were switched on in the vicinity. It wasn’t to be, but that wont stop us for heading out again this week ! Took a few pictures as well as a a few waves over the head 😀 , Barry took a decent wetting while perched on a rock …he felt that @ -2.5 degrees 🙂
My main camera got flooded by a large wave, so the pictures arnt great they are from my back up 4.0mp  camera.

We met Patrick in the afternoon after digging a bit of lug and decided to try for a large Cod. That evening we hit the mark on a rising tide, 6/0 Pennel Pulleys were launched out loaded with 5 juicy lug. After 4 hours neither of us had a bite, second last cast a rockling took a fancy to my 6/0, which brought an end to a disappointing evening catch wise.
We had good craic all the same, here is Barry readying his pose in wait for the monster Cod 😛
We also came across this poor little bugger washed up on the shore:





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