Selecting what lures to bring tomorrow.

23 01 2010

I have just been organising my hard and soft lures for tomorrows session.
We plan to fish at dawn on a small rising tide and judging by the heavy fog outside at the moment, we should have a nice bit of cover too.

I dont like carrying too much gear with me so ive narrowed down my arsenal to the items below:

These should see me through the morning with a bit of luck, and one may even tempt an early bar of silver 🙂 .




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24 01 2010

Hi Danny,

Nice looking blog you have set up….
Is there any chance you could name some of those hard/soft plastics please? I’m fairly new to lure fishing so I dont recognise all of them.

Were there any fish around?

25 01 2010

Hi Crevan,

Thanks for the comment.

Hard Plastics from left to right:
Tide Minnow 90 S
Maria Angel Kiss
Tackle House Feed Shallow
Tide Minnow 145 SLD S
Maria Chase BW
Tide Minnow 145 SLD F

Soft Plastics from lfet to right:
GT Shad
Rolling Shad
Jelly eel with paddle tail
Giant Xlayer
Giant Xlayer
Storm Sand eel
Jelly eel with flat tail
Mini Shrimp.

Il stick up a report about yesterdays session in a short while.


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